Toyo Snowprox S954

Dry Grip 80%
Wet Grip 57%
Road Feedback 73%
Handling 73%
Wear 67%
Comfort 77%
Buy again 63%
Size Price Range  
205/55 R16 £53.54 - £83.00 (16 Prices) Compare Prices >>
225/40 R18 £84.40 - £90.99 (16 Prices) Compare Prices >>
225/45 R17 £70.00 - £85.20 (24 Prices) Compare Prices >>
235/35 R19 £140.51 - £203.59 (15 Prices) Compare Prices >>
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Given 41% while driving a Volkswagen Passat 1.9Tdi (205/55 R16 H) on a combination of roads for 6,500 average miles
As new very good on snow and very poor on wet. Never again.
I sold this tyres after one winter season and bought Continental WinterContact TS850.
18 - tyre reviewed on November 9, 2018   
Given 79% while driving a Volvo C30 1.8 (205/55 R16 H) on mostly motorways for 7,000 average miles
For the price of about €55 each it's a good tyre.
In the wet the performance isn't that great, but it's OK. On roundabouts I had understeer several times, even at lower speeds.
However feedback is pretty good, you feel easily when the tyres are on their limits and you need to slow down.

In dry conditions the tyres are coping very well. Good grip, it all feels good.
In snow I've driven only once, and I didn't have a problem there.

Wear doesnt seem too bad, but I havent measured the exact wear yet.
The comfort seems to be better at first than it is now (After 10000km). The tyres seem to have become more noisy.
At this price point I think these tyres are unbeatable. I have had other winter tyres before, Goodyear Ultragrip 8, those were more silent, better in the wet, but the price point is higher. Just like Vredestein Snowtrac 2's back in the days.
I've also had cheaper brands which were worse. So at this price point they;re unbeatable and safe enough
12 - tyre reviewed on February 23, 2017   
Ford (205/55 R16 H) on a combination of roads for 2,000 spirited miles
Great new winter tyre from Toyo, i am impresed so far. This tyre is rain tyre, but also very good on dry and snow. It gives good feetback on steering wheel, great handling at rain even at high speed (180 Km/h). For the price of 60€ each, belive me, there is no better...
153 - tyre reviewed on January 11, 2017