Zeetex S100

Dry Grip 15%
Wet Grip 15%
Road Feedback 10%
Handling 30%
Wear 10%
Comfort 60%
Buy again 10%

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Given 23% while driving a Volvo C30 1.8 (205/55 R16 V) on mostly motorways for 1,500 average miles
Got these on a set of secondhand rims+tyres in 2015.
Were rubbish. Steering was suddenly extremely light compared to summer tyres (same width), Sliding on roundabouts in dry and wet, and suddenly after 2 weeks the sidewall of one of them cracked.

I don't trust these anymore at all, dot code is from 2011.

These are winter tyres (Ice plus and the walls), but just plain bad. The only advantages were low fuel economy and they were pretty silent.
0 - tyre reviewed on October 5, 2016   
Given 10% while driving a Honda Civic (185/60 R14) on mostly country roads for 100 easy going miles
I purchased 4x Zeetex S1oo winter tyres,i kept them on the car Honda Civic two weeks, dreadful handling, i there not exceed 40 mph, in corners the car had a mind of its own, these tyres would rob you of your confidence to drive. I now can see why Insurance companys are not happy re fitting winter tyres.These were supplied by Mytyres,they were out of stock of my choices Pirelli and Dunlop,so it was their choice supplying a mid-range tyre.Fit them at your pearl,the only thing i would put them on would be a trailer,i have four tyres sitting in the garage,what a waste of money fitting them and removing same.
0 - tyre reviewed on January 15, 2013