2019 Premium VS Budget Winter Tyres

Test Summary
Wet BrakingNokian WR Snowproof: 31.76 M
Tristar SnowPower 2: 35.27 M
Dry BrakingTristar SnowPower 2: 28.74 M
Nokian WR Snowproof: 28.87 M
Wet HandlingNokian WR Snowproof: 37.6 s
Tristar SnowPower 2: 38.2 s
Dry HandlingNokian WR Snowproof: 51.27 s
Tristar SnowPower 2: 51.57 s
Snow BrakingNokian WR Snowproof: 36 M
Tristar SnowPower 2: 43.9 M
Snow HandlingNokian WR Snowproof: 097.2 s
Tristar SnowPower 2: 104.5 s
Are cheap winter tyres safe? To find out, we travelled to Finland, twice, to do snow, ice, wet and dry testing.

All tests were done using two cars, a VW Golf wearing 205/55 R16 tyres, and a heavier, larger Volvo S90 fitted with 245/45 R18 tyres.

To see how the testing went, watch the video below!





Nokian WR Snowproof1st: Nokian WR Snowproof
  • 1st: Wet Braking (+0M)
  • 2nd: Dry Braking (+0.13M)
  • 1st: Wet Handling (+0s)
  • 1st: Dry Handling (+0s)
  • 1st: Snow Braking (+0M)
  • 1st: Snow Handling (+0s)
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Tristar SnowPower 22nd: Tristar SnowPower 2
  • 2nd: Wet Braking (+3.51M)
  • 1st: Dry Braking (+0M)
  • 2nd: Wet Handling (+0.6s)
  • 2nd: Dry Handling (+0.3s)
  • 2nd: Snow Braking (+7.9M)
  • 2nd: Snow Handling (+7.3s)
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