2020 Fast Bike Track Motorbike Tyre Test

Test Summary
Dry HandlingDunlop D213 GP Pro: 108.219 s
Michelin Power Cup Evo: 109.216 s
Tyre Reviews is a big fan of two wheels, and we gladly cover new motorbike tyre launches whenever we're invited to them. Sadly, our driving is better than our riding, which is why we leave the high risk motorcycle tyre testing to people who aren't highly likely to destroy the bikes and themselves trying to do a fast lap.

Luckily for us riders, the excellent British magazine Fast Bikes has tested five of the very fastest extreme performance / track tyres, using a Suzuki GSX-R1000R, wearing 120/70 R17 and 200/60 R17 "hoops".

The magazine took the rider, bike and tyres to the challenging and bumpy Spanish circuit of Parcmotor. The test procedure was simple, warm the tyres in blankets, and then two twenty minute sessions for each tyre, in glorious 25c Spanish sun.

The rider obviously did a fantastic job, as the results speak for themselves.

Not only was the Dunlop the fastest tyre on test, it also seemed to give a class leading balance between turn speed and the ability to soak up the bumpy track, giving the rider a huge amount of confidence to play with the bikes power.

Pirelli, and its co brand Metzeler were second and third, with similar times and largely similar feedback, and Continental finished a very strong fourth place, which surprised the rider given his relative lack of experience with the brand.

Michelin will be disappointed with fifth and last place overall, but as the only tyre manufacturer to supply a 190 rear tyre, it isn't really a comparable test against the other manufacturers.

Fast Bikes did a great job in the full article, so if you can find a copy of the March 2020 issue, it's well worth a read.


1st: Dunlop D213 GP Pro

Dunlop D213 GP Pro
Dry Handling1st
Positive: Stiffer than the Pirelli, but with the lower pressures felt spot on. Highest amount of rear grip, and when they did slide, they slid in a progressive manner. Very low wear
Negative: None mentioned
Overall: Agility - 2nd, Stability - 1st, Grip - 1st, Feel - 1st, Durability - 1st
Misc: 32 psi front / 21 psi rear
Medium front / Medium rear

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2nd: Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SC

Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SC
Dry Handling2nd+0.5 s
Positive: High grip, very soft and compliant tyre provided high levels of confidence, turned quickly
Negative: None mentioned
Overall: Agility - 1st, Stability - 2nd, Grip - 2nd, Feel - 2nd, Durability - 2nd
Misc: 34 psi front / 26 psi rear
SC1 front / SC1 rear

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3rd: Metzeler Racetec RR

Metzeler Racetec RR
Dry Handling3rd+0.75 s
Positive: Lots of feedback, very forgiving, very good front end, very responsive
Negative: Once at the limit, the bike became rear tyre limited
Overall: Agility - 3rd, Stability - 3rd, Grip - 4th, Feel - 4th, Durability - 4th
Misc: 33 psi front / 26 psi rear
K1 front / K1 rear

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4th: Continental Race Attack Comp

Continental Race Attack Comp
Dry Handling4th+0.78 s
Positive: Incredible feel from the front
Negative: Highest visible wear, rear struggle for grip under extreme throttle
Overall: Agility - 5th, Stability - 5th, Grip - 3rd, Feel - 3rd, Durability - 3rd
Misc: 33 psi front / 26 psi rear
Medium front / Medium rear

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5th: Michelin Power Cup Evo

Michelin Power Cup Evo
Dry Handling5th+1 s
Positive: As the only 190/55 R17 the bike turned very quickly, very good at moderate speeds on track
Negative: Lack of feedback from the front tyre, peaky grip at the rear
Overall: Agility - 4th, Stability - 4th, Grip - 5th, Feel - 5th, Durability - 2nd
Misc: 30.5 psi front / 27.5 psi rear
Medium front / Medium rear

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