Falken AZENIS FK510 - Press Release

Falken FK510We've yet to drive on it, but here's the manufacturer press release for the new Falken FK510!

Press Release

In response to the continuously growing demand for ultra high performance (UHP) tyres, Falken has unveiled its new highly advanced tyre for this high-end market – the AZENIS FK510. Falken’s top model has already convinced testers at German auto magazine Autozeitung, which bestowed the ‘Highly Recommended’ label on the tyre in Issue 6/2016. The German association of technical inspectors, GTUE, also gave the tyre ‘Highly Recommended’ status.

Blade sipes protect against aquaplaning

The AZENIS FK510 incorporates advanced features designed to ensure top performance in wet conditions and superior protection from aquaplaning. The tyre has a higher negative tread ratio combined with high volume circumferential grooves and rounded shoulder contours. Numerous blade sipes (small ‘cuts’ in the pattern blocks) optimise the footprint in cornering and cut through the water film on the road surface more effectively.

Adaptive Constant Pressure technology – Driving dynamics

Falken’s engineers developed the AZENIS FK510 to reflect their vision of a cutting-edge pattern concept. The pattern they created ensures consistent pressure distribution throughout the tyre footprint. Known as ACP (Adaptive Constant Pressure), the technology used for this advanced pattern enhances braking performance, directional stability and driving dynamics.

4D Nano Design Technology – Grip and driving comfort

The longitudinal grooves and enhanced sidewall flexibility of the AZENIS FK510 provide a harmonious, balanced response, particularly in cornering and load changes. As well as improving driving comfort, these features shorten braking distances and increase smoothness. The Falken engineers applied 4D Nano Design Technology to develop groundbreaking tyre compounds that offer superb grip and maximise the tyre’s wear resistance.

“The AZENIS FK510 features an innovative blend of materials and futuristic design. It is the culmination of all our experience from thousands of kilometres on race tracks and test circuits, and the flagship of our latest generation of high-end tyres,” says Andreas Giese, Product Planning Manager at Falken Tyre Europe GmbH. “The AZENIS FK510 offers everything that fans of advanced driving dynamics could wish for, with superb directional stability on straights and cornering, exceptional stability in high-speed corners, shorter braking distances and high resistance to aquaplaning.”

Available from spring 2016, the AZENIS FK510 will initially be sold in ten sizes ranging from 17 to 20 inches with speed symbol ‘Y’. Further sizes will be added later.

All sizes are supplied with rim protector. Some rim widths may be approved for speeds of over 300 km/h (Y) after inspection and manufacturer’s authorisation.

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