Auto Express Tyre of the year 2009

Auto Express has named the Pirelli P Zero Tyre of the Year, ahead of three other competing brands. According to the magazine, Pirelli won the award for design a tyre with the best balance of braking and handling in the wet and dry, aquaplaning, rolling resistance and price.

??Designing tyres is all about trading off performance in one area for a gain in another However, Pirelli has certainly hit on a winning compromise here, as the P ZeroTM starred not only in the wet, but also in the dry. It topped the times on both handling tracks, plus got the honours in curved aquaplaning. No wonder it inspires confidence when the heavens open. A great all-rounder that thoroughly deserves a place on your car.??

Congratulations to Pirelli, who have vastly improved the P Zero with it's relaunch this year and turned it into a class leading product again.


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Its funny how tyres seem to go in loops, the P Zero used to be the number one but for the past few years it's gotten rather outdated. Well done to Pirelli!
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