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Falken ZE914

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The Falken ZE914 is a Premium Touring Summer tyre designed to be fitted to Passenger Cars. Below is data from 63 tyre reviews averaging 85% over 534,815 miles driven.

This tyre replaced the Falken ZE912

Falken ZE914
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Falken ZE914 Reviews

Given 91% (breakdown) while driving a Mazda 6 (225-40-18-W)
Driving on mostly country roads for 8,000 spirited miles
The best tyre ever buy. Before that was on 205/55/16 michelin pilot sport3. The falken is 10 times better but in 225/40/18!
tyre reviewed on October 14, 2015   
Given 89% (breakdown) while driving a Opel meriva (195-50-16-V)
Driving on mostly country roads for 39,000 easy going miles
Fantastic tires at a reasonable price . Gripping and longevity are the strongest points for this tyre . Also , comfort at its best . Definitely I will buy them again .
tyre reviewed on August 5, 2015   
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Given 97% (breakdown) while driving a Ford Mondeo TDCI (215-55-16-W)
Driving on a combination of roads for 1,500 average miles
Put some 2200km on brand new set of front Falken ZE914 and I must say I am very impressed with the tyres so far. Handled really well in summer dry (up to 37 C temp outside) as well in rainy wet conditions. 9* for comfort as in first few km after mounting the tyres did make rather uncomfortable noise as oppose to my rear Conti's PremiumContact5 but that stopped once I broke 200-300 km and noise is no worse then any other premium brand; 9* for wear as they "seem" to be wearing off a tiny bit faster then Conti's BUT at this time I cannot be certain so I would just leave it at 9*. After 2200 km in just 10 days these tyres did not lose their balance at all or showed any weakness in comparison with Conti's. And they were literary on half price of Conti's. I am definitely ordering these for my other car and full set of Falken's winter tyres.
tyre reviewed on July 30, 2015   
Given 89% (breakdown) while driving a Toyota Avensis estate 1.8 petrol (215-55-17-W)
Driving on a combination of roads for 6,000 spirited miles
Quality tyre at a reasonable price , had them on for approx 6 mths (6000 miles ) unable to fault them ! I guess the main attribute of them is that they give confidence in how they make the car feel . Only point I can't give an opinion on is wear , but so far so good , have no reason to doubt they won't last . Buy again ... Yes without hesitation ..
tyre reviewed on July 25, 2015   
Given 81% (breakdown) while driving a Honda Jazz (225-45-17-)
Driving on a combination of roads for 15 spirited miles
Having lived with these now and had them on all 4 wheels I find they are a mixed bag of mostly good atributes.
Good in the wet and dry and wear is good too - apparently lower rolling resistance - I have no cause to doubt.
They are a little more twitchy than, say, Bridgestone ER300's I tried recently and less smooth running, but they counter with a more sporty handling and feedback - comfort or excitement then??
These are better then the Conti PC2's I had and also the Dunlops that came with the car (2030's) but I find myself wishing for a slightly less twitchy, jittery ride, my car is already on the firm side of ride.
tyre reviewed on July 4, 2015   
Given 93% (breakdown) while driving a SEAT Ibiza 1.4 TDI (205-45-16-W)
Driving on mostly town for 75,000 average miles
Bought the tyres quite recent and not able to give the feedback regarding their wear.
I really like them, very grippy on dry and wet also.
I have the XL version as the sport suspension on my car destroyed the sidewall of the old BF goodrich g-grip .
they are not soft at all, with this hight and having reiforced sidewall, but this is what I opted for and it meets my expectations.
The tyres are not noisy at all, have the sidewall straight, for a clean look of the wheel.
The only drawback, is the almost inexistent rim protection like the BF's or the Dunlop sp sport maxx that I had.
tyre reviewed on April 28, 2015   
Given 100% (breakdown) while driving a Mitsubishi Lancer Mivec (215-45-18-W)
Driving on mostly town for 30,000 spirited miles
I have them for third summer season, best tyres I ever had. Perfect wet and dry grip, very silent, durable.
tyre reviewed on April 27, 2015   
Given 77% (breakdown) while driving a Volkswagen Sharan 1.9TDi (215-55-16-W)
Driving on a combination of roads for 800 average miles
Bought 4 Falken ZE914 215/55 R16 97W tyres for a VW Sharan 1.9 TDI. Existing tyres were Dunlop SP Sport 2020E and had around 2-3mm tread on the back tyres and 2mm left on the front tyres. I've driven on Firestones and Dunlop SP Sport 9000 on previous cars. Dunlop advised changing to SP Sport 01 as they had stiffer shoulders so better road holding, because the VW Sharan has higher center of gravity. However I took a risk and went for an untried brand Falken Ziex 914 due to £20 price difference per tyre. I definitely made the CORRECT choice. Tyre pressures were kept the same as on the old tyres according to VW recommendations on the fuel cap. I ran in the tyres for 250 miles on local trips and on a motorway journey at 55 mph as advised. I''ve driven over 800 miles on motorway and local roads now and in comparison to the Dunlop SP Sport 2020e I got the following results in order of benefit. 1. Lighter steering, makes driving and parking much much easier, the tyres are somehow very light, even after running in. 2. Fuel MPG improved considerably by 4 + mpg as shown on the vw dash meter average. The MPG has gone up by at least 6 mpg on the motorway speeds of 55 to 75 mph 3. Comfort has improved, car is smoother over minor bumps, and slightly better over bigger bumps than the Dunlops. I've kept tyre pressures the same as the Dunlops. 4. Dry grip has improved slightly. I've noticed that the car no longer understeers or oversteers at 30mph - 40 mph on dual carriageway and motorway slip road bends. 5. Wet grip has considerably improved and I can feel control of the car at speed in the rain and can change lanes on a motorway feeling in control when I need to quickly move the car left or right when lane changing. 6. Noise is not noticeable locally but has slightly improved on the motorway. 7. Tyre Wear - Still too early even after 800 miles, will try to leave another review after 10K miles
Overall Verdict. After lots of research and nearly buying the SP Sport 01 or the SP Sport Blueresponse after reading reviews, I'm happy I made the right choice and saved money by choosing the Falken Ziex ZE914. I feel performance and comfort has increased. Previously only bought the bigger brands but now MUST consider mid price brands like Falken.
tyre reviewed on April 19, 2015   
Given 80% (breakdown) while driving a Fiat Marea Weekend JTD 105 (185-60-15-H)
Driving on a combination of roads for 38,000 average miles
60.000 kms, fast driving, good dry and wet grip, rare feel with humidity road, silent, very good.
tyre reviewed on March 28, 2015   
Given 90% (breakdown) while driving a Toyota Avensis (205-55-16-)
Driving on mostly motorways for 30,000 average miles
Fitted at front axle in May 2013 and covered 30000 miles so far. Remaining thread approx 3 mm over limit blocks, will replace them within next couple of months.
Never had any problems, tyres grips well in wet and dry, good fuel economy. Had Dunlop FastRespone, and done only approx 18000 - 20000 miles.

Tyres are bit noisy as thread is going down.

Generally, good value for money, probably will buy them again.
tyre reviewed on February 27, 2015   

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