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Will a track day tyre kill you if you try and use it year round? Can a semi slick tyre, intended for life on track, generate any grip at freezing temperatures?

To try and ask this question I fitted a set of the excellent Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2s to an E92 BMW M3, and drove on them across winter.

Watch the video for the full findings!

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to ask below, or on the YouTube page!

The Mclaren Senna (P15) might not be the prettiest car ever designed, but thanks to over 800bhp and obscene aero you can be sure it's going to be one of the fastest production road cars ever made.

2017 Sport Auto Winter Tyre Test

We're a little bit late with this one, as it's likely the UK has had most of its bad weather for winter 2017/18, however we can't resist covering a winter ultra high performance tyre test, especially when they use a RWD Toyota GT86 as the test car!

For this test, Sport Auto magazine fitted the GT86 with ten different patterns of 225/40 R18 sports winter tyres, and put the tyres through the normal dry, wet and snow testing.

It's been a while since we've mentioned basic tyre safety, but with the latest research from Michelin and Kwikfit showing four in 10 motorists are running on dangerously under inflated tyres, it's as good as time as any to remind everyone to check their tyre pressures.

Under inflated tyres are an issue for many reasons. An under inflated tyre can give poor handling, unpredictable car behaviour, lower overall grip, wear the tyres out prematurely, cause the tyres to fail, and reduces fuel economy. It only takes 2 minutes to check tyre pressures with a dedicated digital tyre pressure gauge, so there's no excuse not to do it every couple of weeks.

Everyone knows tyre performance changes with wear, with the biggest change in tyre performance coming from all season and winter tyres in snowy and icy conditions.

The drop in performance can be so vast after 4mm that certain countries where "three peak mountain and snowflake" tyres are a legal requirement for winter driving, they can lose their legality after 4mm, meaning you only get to use half of your tyres tread.

Should this be the case? Michelin have been making alot of noise recently regarding the negative impact of having to scrap a tyre with half its tread life remaining, and their arguments are compelling. Not only are you costing the customer more, but you're also causing a much higher negative environmental impact by doubling natural resourse usage and doubling waste.

For 2017, the "All Road" edition of the German publication Auto Bild has tested ten 225/55 R17 winter tyres. This size is commonly used by compact crossovers, such as the BMW X1 used in this test.

The biggest interest in this test was the Chinese budget winter tyre from Pace. With the most expensive set of winter tyres costing 660 euros at time of test, the budget Pace tyres were a full 400 euros cheaper, at just 260 euros. Are the savings worth the performance drop? Read on below to find out.

A tyre factory might not sound like the most exciting place to visit, but when Nokian Tyres invite you to see what is considered to be the world's most advanced tyre manufacturing factory, it's hard to say no.

The Russian based factory, located just outside of St Petersburg, is the newest tyre factory in Europe. It is highly automated, and currently produces over 45,000 tyres every single day of the year with just over 1,000 staff. As reference, a competitors tyre factory which produces less than 10% more tyres, requires over four times the number of staff. The new factory is a showcase of Nokian Tyres premium manufacturer credentials, and impressive investment in technology.

The Continental WinterContact TS860 SThe replacement to the hugely successful Continental WinterContact TS850 P ultra high performance winter tyre has been launched!
Unfortunately we're not due to be driving on the new Continental WinterContact TS860 S until early 2018, so for now here's the Continental press release. Keep an eye on Tyre Reviews into 2018 for our first impressions.

The 2017 Auto Express all season tyre test is a wonderful mix of eight 205/55 R16 all season tyres, the Dunlop Sport BluResponse summer tyre and the Continental WinterContact TS860 winter tyre.

A new feature for 2017 is wet testing at over, and under the magic 7c mark the tyre manufacturers recommend we change our tyres at.

For 2017 the Polish publication AutoCentrum has tested eight studless winter tyres in 185/65 R15. As with the other winter tyre tests we've featured across 2017, AutoCentrum tests the winter tyres in the dry, wet and snow, but also includes ice testing, a first for 2017.

Six of the tyres on test are European winter tyres which are available to the UK market, and two of the tyres (Debica Frigo 2 and Sava Eskimo Ice) are full nordic friction winter tyres, so it should give us a good overview of how these two different types of tyres perform, and why Nordic winter tyres aren't suitable for the UK market.

If you're one of the many SUV / 4x4 owners in the UK, the chances are you're on a regular summer tyre which will offer very little performance on surfaces as simple wet grass or loose dirt.

With normal 4x4 tyres being designed almost entirely for on-road useage, what happens if you need to use your 4x4 on a surface that isn't tarmac or concrete? Turning up at the shooting club in your £100,000 Range Rover only to get stuck in the grassy car park would result in many jokes at your expense in the pub, or getting stuck down a muddy trail near a fishing lake could result in your day of leisure being wasted trying to get your vehicle mobile again.

2017 Auto Bild Winter Tyre Test

The 2017 Auto Bild winter tyre test started with fifty 225/50 R17 winter tyre patterns which Auto Bild tested for wet braking performance, and then dropped the worse twenty tyres from the test.

The next phase was testing the remaining thirty patterns for snow braking, which was then combined with the wet braking distances to allow the ten worst tyres to be dropped. This left twenty winter tyres which Auto Bild regarded as the best winter tyres on the market, and deemed worthy enough to take through to the full testing.

As ever with Auto Bild testing, they undertake all the usual dry, wet and snow testing, but also including important factors such as wear and cost per 1,000 km, which a lot of tests are unable to include.

The results as closer than ever, and you'd be hard pressed to classify any of the top 10 tyres as bad tyres, but three in particular rose to the top.

2017 All Season Tyre Test

The 2017 Auto Bild all season tyre test has tested ten 205/55 R16 all season tyres touring tyres, using a VW Golf. This is also the first test to include the new Continental AllSeasonContact tyre.

The German publication Auto Zeitung have just published their 2017 all season tyre test, and it might be the most UK relevant tyre test we've ever seen.

First, they're testing in the most popular 205/55 R16 size using a FWD Audi A3, which represents a large slice of our car market. Then, they've managed to include ten all season patterns, which is more than most all season tyre tests manage, but the icing on the cake is the winter tyre included for reference is the multiple award winning Continental WinterContact TS 860.

The first winter tyre test of 2017 has been published! The German publication Auto Motor und Sport [AMS] have tested ten ultra high performance winter tyres in 225/40 R18. This extremely popular 18" tyre sizes is fitted to performance saloons such as the Audi A4, Skoda Octavia VRS, and the 232 bhp BMW 430i Grand Coupe used for this testing.

In Spring 2015, Michelin unveiled a new breed of all season tyre, the Crossclimate, which promised to address the shortcomings of traditional all season tyres in the warmer, dryer months for places such as most of the uk and areas of europe. The remit being to provide the performance of a summer tyre whilst being able to conquer the relatively small degree of snow, ice and cold experienced during the winter months.

Around the same time Goodyear also released the vector 4 seasons Gen 2, a completely new successor to the universally acclaimed Vector 4 seasons, which also promised to address the balance of all season tyre performance.

Tyre Reviews decided to investigate further, culminating in the 'Does a true all season tyre exist?' test. The outcome of this was that the CrossClimate genuinely did prove itself to live up to the claims, and was way ahead of the Vector in the dry, being almost identical to the summer tyre.

CrossClimate vs Primacy 3

Continental have officially announced availability of the new Continental AllSeasonContact in the UK! 

Could this be the Germans manufacturers answer to the hugely successful Michelin CrossClimate? We'll be sure to publish a full test as soon as we get try the new tyre, but for now here's the press release.

The 2017 Auto Bild All Season Tyre Test puts eight 225/50 R17 all season tyres through the usual dry, wet and snow testing, and includes a reference summer and winter tyre for benchmarks.

The two all season heavyweights of the industry, the Michelin CrossClimate and the Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-2, trade results to tie overall in first place. As each of these all season tyres approaches year round motoring in different ways, we'll concentrate on the top two places for this write up.

The Goodyear Wrangler All-Terrain Adventure is the latest 50/50 on-road off-road tyre from Goodyear. Available in 27 sizes between 15-19", the new All-Terrain has been designed to fit vehicles such as the Land Rover Defender, Jeep Wrangler, Mercedes G-Class, Toyota Hilux, Toyota Land Cruiser and Volkswagen Amarok.

Goodyear Wrangler All Terrain Adventure

2017 Track Day Tyre Test

The German publication Auto Bild have just tested five 235/35 R19 track day tyres using a Ford Focus ST, and included a "normal" maximum performance road tyre as comparison.

2017 Track Day Tyre Test

Given the location of the test (Continentals proving grounds in Texas), and the performance of the included road tyre, we're going to assuming the tyre was the Continental Sport Contact 6, and it demonstrates just how good road tyres have become!

2017 Auto Bild UHP Tyre Test

The German publication Auto Bild have published their third tyre test of 2017, this time testing nine UHP tyres in 245/40 R18 using an Audi TT. Without a budget tyre included in the test, this is one of the closest tyre tests we've seen in years, and highlight just how close the latest generation of tyres have become in terms of raw performance.

The new Michelin Power RS has a big gap to fill, as it is intended to replace both the Super Sport EVO and Pilot Power 3. Blending the hot dry performance of the Super Sport EVO, with the on-road comfort and wet grip of the Pilot Power 3 was always going to be a tricky task, but Michelin are confident they've succeeded. So confident in fact, that they've invited Tyre Reviews to Losail International Moto GP circuit in Qatar to test the new tyres on the latest range of super bikes.

Michelin motorcycle tyre range

How much faster are track day tyres compared to the best road tyres? The German publication Sport Auto have produced the answer by taking seven of the best maximum performance road tyres and three of the best track day tyres, and placing them all through the same testing on a Toyota GT86 (225/40 R18).

2017 AMS Summer UHP Tyre Test

For 2017, Auto Motor und Sport have tested ten 245/45 R18 ultra high performance tyres using a BMW 3 Series Estate.

This test is the first time the new Michelin Pilot Sport 4 and Continental Premium Contact 6 have appeared in the same test, which should give us some interesting data about the two big rivals.

The Auto Bild sports cars test is usually one of our favourite tests of the year, and this year looks to be no different.

Testing nine 235/35 R19 maximum performance tyres using a Focus ST, Auto Bild have focused on the raw performance of these tyres, weighting the score heavily in favour of wet and dry handling.

Michelin have officially launched the replacement to the "internet's favourite tyre". The new Michelin Pilot Sport 4S betters the Michelin Pilot Super Sport in every measurable category, and looks to extend its dominance over its rivals in the maximum performance tyre sector.

The New Michelin Pilot Sport 4S

As with the Pilot Super Sport, the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S is only available in larger sizes and aimed at high performance vehicles. At launch it is offered in 19" and above, with the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 covering the 16" to 18" fitment.

Launched at the Thermal Club in Palm Springs, Michelin gave Tyre Reviews an early opportunity to drive on the new tyre, covering road and track driving on various vehicles.

Michelin have recently announced a mid life update of the extremely successful Michelin CrossClimate, the Michelin CrossClimate+

The new Michelin CrossClimate+

Launched in March 2015, the CrossClimate was the first of a new breed of all season tyres. Traditionally all season tyres start life as a winter tyre, and have the balance of performance moved slightly towards dry and wet running. While this leaves traditional all season tyres excellent on snow and ice, other performance qualities suffer, especially dry braking.

The CrossClimate started life as a summer tyre, and was gifted winter abilities. While this means it isn't quite as good as traditional all season tyres in extreme winter conditions, it is still more than enough for anything the UK winter has to offer, while retaining the dry and wet performance of a dedicated summer tyre.

Continental tyres have just released their latest tyre, the new Continental PremiumContact 6. The new PremiumContact 6 replaces both the PremiumContact 5 and the SportContact 5, unifying the comfort and efficiency of the PremiumContact range, with the high performance, steering precision and grip of the SportContact.

The New Continental PremiumContact 6

The Continental SportContact 6 still exists for maximum performance in 19" and above, and the EcoContact 5 in 16" and below. The PremiumContact 6 will be available in 16" - 21", and offer a blend of performance and comfort to rival the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 and Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3.