2019 Triangle Tyres Range Update

Chinese tyre manufacturers are quickly evolving, and while there seems to be a new tyre brand out of the East every week, the established brands are improving at a pace which must be starting to worrying traditional midrange brands.

Triangle Tyres are one of those quickly improving brands, and have launched five new tyre products in the last two years, the majority of which have been developed in Europe.

To allow journalists like myself the opportunity to experience these new products, Triangle invited European wide media to one of the most demanding circuits in Europe, Portimao in Portugal, to highlight the five new tyres.

Triangle SporteX TH201

The Triangle SporteX TH201 is the oldest tyre on the group, having already been available to market for nearly two years, but it's still a commendable tyre for its price point. Existing to service the UHP market, the Sportex is available in 16 to 20 inch fitments, and is intended to offer a sporty feel and good levels of grip, while also delivering good mileage and high comfort. My only experience of the tyre was a single lap of Portimao on a Mercedes C43 AMG Cab, and while the tyre seemed to offer a good level of dry grip, there was little opportunity to fully test it.

Triangle AdvanteX TC101 & SUV

The Triangle AdvanteX & AdvanteX SUV are brand new touring / comfort tyres, intended for less sporty vehicles where safety bias qualities such as wet braking and low noise are the key priorities. Triangle have worked extremely hard on improving the braking in the dry and wet, and demonstrated the new SUV version of the tyre against the more expensive Maxxis Bravo HP, where the AdvanteX SUV consistently stopped in a shorter distance during a wet braking test.

To experience the car version of the AdvanteX, we had the opportunity to drive a basic road route around southern Portugal in a BMW 1 Series, on a variety of road surfaces. While it was impossible to judge the grip accurately on the public road, the AdvanteX did offer low noise and excellent levels of comfort on all types of road surfaces.

Triangle SeasonX TA01

Perhaps the most interesting new tyre on launch is the new Triangle SeasonX. This is a new all season tyre designed for the UK / southern European climates, and has a very similar design ethos to the current segment leader, the Michelin CrossClimate. This, in theory, should mean this tyre is excellent for the UK due to a more dry and wet bias in its design, but still with some snow capabilities, but full testing will have to prove this in the future. The SeasonX will be available in 14 to 19 inch fitments.

Triangle GripMT TR281

Finally, the Triangle GripMT is Triangles first ever all terrain mud tyre. The tyre certainly looks the part, and during a brief offroad demonstration it seemed to perform as expected, it will be extremely interesting to see how people find it as it starts to get used in the market.

All in, with Triangle launching 5 new products in less than two years, all with European development, and the company making a significant investment in cutting edge 4.0 manufacturing plants with high levels of automation, sustainability and responsibility, it's abundantly clear that not all Chinese tyres manufacturers are the same. Triangle Tyres are one of those brands who stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Any questions please ask below, and if you've had any of the new Triangle tyres fitted, feel free to leave a review on the site with your own experiences.


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