Dunlop Sport BluResponse - Launched

125 years after the first patent of the inflatable tyre, and to mark Dunlops 125th Birthday, Dunlop is releasing a new breed of tyre – the high performance eco touring tyre.

The new Dunlop Sport BluResponse is derived from Dunlops work in motorsport, where the desire for low fuel consumption and good wear properties are starting to become as important as the raw grip of the tyre. The new Dunlop Sport BluResponse comes with motorsport derived polymers, which deliver increased wet grip and performance (European label score A), yet still allow an impressively low rolling resistance to aid fuel consumption (European label score B)


When independently tested by TUV SUD against the Michelin Energy Saver+, Continental Premium Contact 5, Bridgestone Turanza T001 and Pirelli Cinturato P7, the new Dunlop tyre proved to be pack leading with wet braking of up to 3 meters shorter than the average of leading premium brands, and a 3% faster performance during wet handling tests. The new Sport BluResponse also has a 30% better rolling resistance than its predecessor, the well reviewed Dunlop Sport FastResponse.

Available at launch in 52 sizes over 14-17” rims, the new Dunlop Sport BluResponse should be an interesting tyre to watch. As usual, we’ll be doing our own testing as soon as possible, with a full report to follow.

User Reviews:

Overview of available sizes (and label grades):

185/55R14 80H (CA)
185/55R15 82H (CA)
185/55R15 82V (CA)
185/60R14 82H (CB)
185/60R15 84H (CA)
185/60R15 88H XL (CA)
185/65R14 86H (CB)
185/65R15 88H (BA)
195/45R16 84V XL (CA)
195/50R15 82H (CA)
195/50R15 82V (CA)
195/50R16 84V (BA)
195/50R16 88V XL (BA)
195/55R15 85H (CA)
195/55R15 85V (CA)
195/55R16 87H (BA)
195/55R16 87V (BA)
195/55R16 91V XL (BA)
195/60R15 88H (BA)
195/60R15 88V (BA)
195/60R16 89V (BA)
195/65R15 91H (BB)
195/65R15 91V (BB)
195/65R15 95H XL (BA)
205/50R16 87V (CA)
205/50R17 89V (BA)
205/50R17 93W XL (BA)
205/55R16 91H (BA)
205/55R16 91V (BA)
205/55R16 91W (BA)
205/55R16 94V XL (BA)
205/55R17 95V XL (BA)
205/60R15 91H (BA)
205/60R15 91V (BA)
205/60R15 95H XL (BA)
205/60R16 92H (BA)
205/60R16 92V (BA)
205/60R16 96V XL (BA)
205/65R15 94H (BB)
205/65R15 94V (BB)
215/50R17 95W XL (BA)
215/55R16 93V (CA)
215/55R16 97H XL (CA)
215/60R16 95V (CA)
215/60R16 99H XL (CA)
215/60R16 99V XL (CA)
215/65R15 96H (BA)
215/65R16 98V (BA)
225/45R17 94W XL (BA)
225/50R17 98W XL (BA)
225/55R16 95V (BA)
225/60R16 102W XL (BA)

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