GT Radial SportActive - Press Release

The new GT Radial Sport ActiveGiTi are the most exciting tyre brand to come out of China, and are making real progress with their latest tyres.

The SportActive is new UHP a tyre which promises to finally bring GT Radial firmly into the midrange sector. We'll be testing it early in 2016, but for now here's the press release.


Giti breaks the mould with new UHP tyre – the GT Radial SportActive

New casing technology and an assertive name are the foundations of Giti Tire’s new principle tyre for the ultra-high performance (UHP) sector – the GT Radial SportActive.

Development was led by Giti’s European R&D platform in Hannover, Germany and is the first to implement the new optimal compound technology which ensures perfect UHP tyre-to-road contact, ultimately achieving immediate grip and long term homogeneous tyre tread life.

Across the range the GT Radial SportActive has recorded B in wet grip and B to C in rolling resistance.

Key features incorporate a new top tread compound for exceptional mileage, specially designed wide grooves and sipes for short braking distances on wet and dry roads as well as reduced aquaplaning, and an innovative new profile and block stiffness for precise high-speed handling and cornering.

The tyre is available immediately in eight sizes, with a further 22 arriving before the end of the year. Across the full portfolio rims range from 16-19” across speed indices W-Y, section widths from 195 to 265 and series sizes 35 to 55. Further SKUs will be developed and launched throughout 2016.

Designed specifically for high-power three-door coupé, modern four-door sedan and sporty estate sectors, target vehicles include the BMW 3 and 4 series and Mercedes Benz C class plus hot hatches such as Audi TT, the Golf GTI and Focus ST.

The last 18 months have seen significant development of the GT Radial portfolio, with the Champiro FE1 all-round comfort passenger car tyre, Savero SUV, and Champiro HPY SUV size extensions all coming to market.

Angelo Giannangeli, Marketing Director - Europe for Passenger Car and Light Truck (PCR) for Giti Tire, said: “Every new product in the GT Radial range marks a major development of the brand, the SportActive is no exception.

“A whole new compound and profile, built on cutting-edge R&D technology, delivers exceptional performance and tyre labelling results. It was decided immediately that an aggressive name would increase its market appeal still further by placing it truly within the UHP category in the mind of the end-users.

“The SportActive is a new benchmark tyre in the UHP sector in the mid-market.”


The SportActive will be initially available in the following sizes:

225/45R17 91W SportActive

225/45R17 94W XL SportActive

225/45R18 95W XL SportActive

235/45R17 97W XL SportActive

245/45R17 99W XL SportActive

245/45R18 100W XL SportActive

235/45R18 98W XL SportActive

225/50R17 98W XL SportActive

225/40R18 92Y XL SportActive

195/45R16 84V XL SportActive

205/45R16 87W XL SportActive

205/45R17 88W XL SportActive

205/40R17 84W XL SportActive

215/45R17 91W XL SportActive

215/40R17 87W XL SportActive

235/40R18 95Y XL SportActive

245/40R18 97Y XL SportActive

225/45R19 96W XL SportActive

255/35R19 96Y XL SportActive

235/35R19 91Y XL SportActive

245/40R17 91Y  SportActive

255/45R18 103Y XL SportActive

255/35R18 94Y XL SportActive

265/35R18 97Y XL SportActive

245/35R19 93Y XL SportActive

225/40R19 93Y XL SportActive

225/35R19 88Y XL SportActive

255/40R17 98Y XL SportActive

255/40R19 96Y  SportActive

255/55R18 109W XL SportActive


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