Winter Tyres - What should the government do?

Thanks to a recent spell of inclement weather, winter tyres are currently a hot topic in the UK. The good news is the message that winter tyres are suitable for the UK climate is starting to sink in, and once the huge benefits of winter tyres are understood people start to question why the government hasn’t stepped in sooner.

Here at TyreReviews we have our own opinion as to what message the government, and any other official body should be pushing, but we thought it would be more interesting to find out how everyone else feels!

The options are simple. Firstly, the government could continue to do nothing and leave the industry to educate people. Secondly, the government could create a fund to educate the wider population about the benefits of winter tyres but not enforce anything. Thirdly, the government could follow the lead of other European countries and require winter tyres ONLY when it is snowing / icy. This would mean that summer tyres aren’t illegal in the winter, but if you cause an accident by driving on the wrong tyre for the conditions (ie summer tyres on snow) you may get a fine / points. The last option is a draconian requirement for winter tyres through all winter months.

Feel free to vote in the poll below and leave any further feedback in the discussion section at the bottom of the page.


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