Apollo Acelere Winter

Dry Grip 85%
Wet Grip 88%
Road Feedback 83%
Handling 83%
Wear 90%
Comfort 85%
Buy again 90%

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Given 94% while driving a Vauxhall Corsa (185/65 R15) on a combination of roads for 9,000 average miles
Had snowtrac3's before and expected these to be not as good. They were almost as good in the snow, but slightly better in wet and dry and somewhat quieter; so while the snowtrac's have it on the snow, I prefer these for winter all round. Still look unworn after 1 winter.
0 - tyre reviewed on October 15, 2012   
Given 89% while driving a Ford Focus mk2 (205/55 R15) on a combination of roads for 4,300 spirited miles
Bought these November 2010 at onset of snow for use in Northumberland .
Huge difference - pulling away and through fairly deep snow they worked a treat.
Good in the rain too, with more grip pulling out at junctions etc.
Put them in the loft and fitted back on today(November 2011) . Did 4300 miles last winter and
They show no signs of wear at all. Fully recommended .
0 - tyre reviewed on November 23, 2011   
Given 87% while driving a Ford Focus (165/65 R14 V) on a combination of roads for 6,500 average miles
Bought from ATS last year and used until the Spring. Superb just wish I had fitted them years ago. No more road noise than the normal tyres on my Ford Focus and the fuel consumption which I was expecting to be worse was identical. The difference in performance between the brands isn't worth worrying about and they are all far superior during the winter than summer tyres.
0 - tyre reviewed on November 16, 2011   
Given 74% while driving a Ford Mondeo (225/55 R16) on a combination of roads for 3,000 average miles
Bought these to manage in the snow in rural yorkshire and trips to scotland. Grip in the snow and ice is very good. As you would expect.
I'm very pleasantly surprised that their dry grip is fine and that they are no noisier and use no more fuel than the Continetals I swapped them for.
0 - tyre reviewed on March 24, 2011