2016 ACE All Season Tyre Test

Test Summary
Best tyre for dry roadsMichelin CrossClimate
Best tyre for wet roadsNokian WeatherProof
Best tyre for snowGoodyear Vector 4 Seasons Gen 2
The lowest fuel useNokian WeatherProof
Sava Adapto HP
Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons Gen 2
The 2016 ACE magazine all season tyre test covers ten all season tyres in the popular 205/55 R16 tyre size using a VW Golf, and includes a summer and winter tyre as benchmarks.

Once again, the test highlights the fact that current all season tyres, with the exception of the Michelin CrossClimate, should be considered as slightly tweaked winter tyres and have all the drawbacks of the winter rubber in warm dry and wet conditions.

Braking Performance

With the UK motorist spending the majority of time on dry or wet roads, an all season tyre which comprises dry and wet braking is the wrong choice for year round motoring.

During dry braking the summer Continental Premium Contact 5 stopped the car in 37.8 meters, and the winter Dunlop Winter Sport 5 a fairly distant 45.7 meters. The average of the all season tyres was 45 meters, with the test winning Nokian stopping the car 44.1 meters. The summer optimised Michelin CrossClimate stopped the car in 41.2 meters, a car length ahead of the next nearest all season tyre.

In the wet braking tests the results were similar. The summer tyre stopped the Golf in 52 meters, the Michelin CrossClimate was the closest all season tyre at 55.8 meters, with the next best all season tyre at 58.7 meters and the winter tyre at 60 meters.

On snow, the winter tyre needed 25 meters top stop the car, the best all season tyre 27 meters, and the Michelin at 29 meters. When you consider the worst all season tyre stopped the car in over 35 meters, you can see the blend of performance offered by the Michelin is very suited to the UK climate.

The Results

ACE magazine awarded first place to Nokian with the WeatherProof, second to Goodyear with the Vector 4Season Gen 2, and third place to the Michelin CrossClimate.

The Nokian and Goodyear tyres excelled in the snowy conditions of the winter tests, behaving like full winter tyres, but unfortunately also behaved like a full winter tyre in the dry and wet testing. While these tyres would be excellent for climates which see a lot of freezing weather and snow, we feel they are too extreme for the majority of the UK climate, where snow is a rare occurrence.

The Michelin CrossClimate finished third, once again delivering on its promise of being a summer, rather than winter optimised all season tyre. The balance of performance was much more preferable for year round motoring in the UK, with the only real weakness being aquaplaning results. This can largely be explained by the 7mm tested tread depth, rather than the 8-9mm of the other tyres, but Michelin assure us the mileage delivered by the CrossClimate will be the best on test.

The mid range brands covered fourth to eighth place, with the Hankook and Vredestein tyres offering the better balance of performance for the UK climate.

Pirelli will be disappointed with ninth place overall, with the Cinturato AllSeason offering a good dry and wet performance, but a very weak snow and ice result, with the Bridgestone A001 shadowing the Pirelli result, just a little weaker in all areas.

For reference, the summer tyre scored 55 dry points, 65 wet points, 0 snow points. The winter tyre scored 40 dry points, 52 wet points and 69 winter points. This would have put the Dunlop Winter Sport 5 winter tyre as the third best "all season" tyre overall had it been included in the results.

Full Results

1st: Nokian WeatherProof

Nokian WeatherProof
  1. Total: 203
  2. Dry: 42
  3. Wet: 62
  4. Snow: 67
  5. Rolling Resistance: 32
Overall: An excellent all round all season tyre. Most points in the wet overall, almost as strong as the winter tyre in the snow, slightly below average in the dry.

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2nd: Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons Gen 2

Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons Gen 2
  1. Total: 194
  2. Dry: 43
  3. Wet: 50
  4. Snow: 69
  5. Rolling Resistance: 32
Overall: An equal to the winter tyre in almost all areas, the Goodyear is a great choice for extremely cold and snowy climates

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3rd: Michelin CrossClimate

Michelin CrossClimate
  1. Total: 182
  2. Dry: 48
  3. Wet: 53
  4. Snow: 50
  5. Rolling Resistance: 31
Overall: Best wet and dry braking, with only aquaplaning stopping it winning every test other than snow. Surprisingly capable with snow traction and braking makes the CrossClimate the ideal choice for climates which don't see a lot of snow

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4th: Uniroyal AllSeasonExpert

Uniroyal AllSeasonExpert
  1. Total: 168
  2. Dry: 39
  3. Wet: 46
  4. Snow: 53
  5. Rolling Resistance: 30
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5th: Hankook Kinergy 4S

Hankook Kinergy 4S
  1. Total: 164
  2. Dry: 44
  3. Wet: 45
  4. Snow: 47
  5. Rolling Resistance: 28
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6th: Sava Adapto HP

Sava Adapto HP
  1. Total: 164
  2. Dry: 40
  3. Wet: 41
  4. Snow: 51
  5. Rolling Resistance: 32
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7th: Kumho Solus HA31

Kumho Solus HA31
  1. Total: 160
  2. Dry: 42
  3. Wet: 37
  4. Snow: 50
  5. Rolling Resistance: 31
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8th: Vredestein Quatrac 5

Vredestein Quatrac 5
  1. Total: 160
  2. Dry: 44
  3. Wet: 41
  4. Snow: 44
  5. Rolling Resistance: 31
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9th: Pirelli Cinturato AllSeason

Pirelli Cinturato AllSeason
  1. Total: 147
  2. Dry: 44
  3. Wet: 51
  4. Snow: 23
  5. Rolling Resistance: 29
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10th: Bridgestone A001

Bridgestone A001
  1. Total: 127
  2. Dry: 43
  3. Wet: 42
  4. Snow: 14
  5. Rolling Resistance: 28
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