2018 AMS All Season Tyre Test

Test Summary
Best tyre for dry roadsContinental Premium Contact 5
Best tyre for wet roadsContinental WinterContact TS 860
Best tyre for snowContinental WinterContact TS 860
The best tyre overallContinental AllSeasonContact
Continental WinterContact TS 860
The lowest fuel useContinental AllSeasonContact
Continental WinterContact TS 860
The most comfortableContinental Premium Contact 5
The best dry handlingVredestein Quatrac 5
Continental Premium Contact 5
The quietest tyreContinental WinterContact TS 860
Nexen N Blue 4 Season
The best wet handlingContinental WinterContact TS 860
Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons Gen 2
Michelin CrossClimate Plus
Continental Premium Contact 5
The 2018 Auto Motor Und Sport all season tyre test has tested seven all season tyres, and a summer and winter tyre through the usual range of dry, wet, snow and environmental tests.

The unique twist this year? For some reason, the summer and winter reference tyres are in the popular 205/55 R16 size, while the seven tested all season tyres are in 225/45 R17. Strange. In theory, the narrower tyres will have a harder time during the dry testing, but should have a small advantage during snow running.

In spite of the curious size choices, it's a really interesting test, and highlights the different qualities in the various all season tyre offerings. It's also fortunate that the final data and conclusions are very close to our own All Season Tyre Video, so be sure to check that out too.


It won't come as any surprise that in the dry, the summer tyre dominated the braking test, with the Michelin CrossClimate dividing the gap between the summer tyre, and the rest of the all season tyres. Interestingly, even the narrower winter tyre could hold its own amongst the wider all season tyres, once again proving the brilliance of the Continental WinterContact TS860.

Dry handling mixed the order up a little with the Vredestein Quatrac 5 posting the fastest average speed across the 1900m circuit, beating the narrower summer tyre. The rest of the order was as you would expect.


We're unsure why the Continental winter tyre had such an advantage during wet braking, but it led the pack of all season tyres by a huge margin. The summer tyre finished in fifth place overall, behind the Goodyear, Michelin and Nexen all season tyres. This isn't something we've seen in other all season tests, with the summer tyre normally matching the best all season tyres on test.

Wet handling once again changed the order. The narrower summer and winter tyres seemed to struggle during the 1823m wet handling course, leaving the Michelin with a modest advantage over the second placed Goodyear and third placed Nexen.

The narrower tyres naturally had a big advantage during aquaplaning tests, where getting water out of the tread is the key criteria to scoring well.


The narrower Continental winter tyre just beat the impressive Continental all season tyre during the snow braking and snow handling testing.


The three Continental tyres on test all proved to have an excellent low rolling resistance.

Interestingly the narrower Continental summer tyre was almost the noisiest tyre on test, once again proving that all season and winter tyres are often quieter than their summer counterparts.

The Nexen was significantly cheaper than the rest of the all season tyres, and even cheaper than the smaller summer and winter tyres. The new Nexen all season tyre is proving to be incredible value.


Magazine score weighting - 20% dry, 40% wet, 20% snow, 20% environment

Continental AllSeasonContact1st: Continental AllSeasonContact
Total: 74.5 / Dry: 7.6 / Wet: 9.2 / Snow: 9.7 / Subjective: 7 / Wet Subjective: 8 / Comfort: 6 / Rolling Resistance: 10 / Noise: 8 / Overall: 9
Positive: Surprisingly strong snow performance, direct steering response and excellent grip in the wet, good dry grip.
Negative: Weak steering feed and feedback in the dry.

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Continental WinterContact TS 8601st: Continental WinterContact TS 860
Total: 79.9 / Dry: 7.2 / Wet: 10.1 / Snow: 10.6 / Subjective: 7 / Wet Subjective: 9 / Comfort: 7 / Rolling Resistance: 10 / Noise: 10 / Overall: 9
Positive: The strongest tyre in the snow and wet testing
Negative: Not as strong as the best all season tyres in the dry as the temperatures increase

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Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons Gen 22nd: Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons Gen 2
Total: 74.5 / Dry: 7.2 / Wet: 9.9 / Snow: 8.6 / Subjective: 8 / Wet Subjective: 9 / Comfort: 7 / Rolling Resistance: 7 / Noise: 9 / Overall: 8.8
Positive: An excellent balanced tyre. Stable and controllable on snow, and good grip in the wet and dry
Negative: A somewhat sluggish steering response in the wet and dry

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Michelin CrossClimate Plus3rd: Michelin CrossClimate+
Total: 69.6 / Dry: 8.6 / Wet: 8.7 / Snow: 7.2 / Subjective: 8 / Wet Subjective: 9 / Comfort: 7 / Rolling Resistance: 6 / Noise: 7 / Overall: 8.1
Positive: Balanced in the snow, good wet grip with excellent wet handling and good grip in the dry
Negative: Above average noise, poor curved aquaplaning result

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Nexen N Blue 4 Season4th: Nexen N Blue 4 Season
Total: 69.3 / Dry: 7.6 / Wet: 8.2 / Snow: 8.6 / Subjective: 8 / Wet Subjective: 7 / Comfort: 8 / Rolling Resistance: 4 / Noise: 10 / Overall: 7.9
Positive: Good traction on snow and good in the dry and wet, excellent value
Negative: Slightly weak aquaplaning result and poor steering precision in the wet

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Vredestein Quatrac 55th: Vredestein Quatrac 5
Total: 66.8 / Dry: 8.7 / Wet: 8.1 / Snow: 7.2 / Subjective: 9 / Wet Subjective: 6 / Comfort: 7 / Rolling Resistance: 5 / Noise: 8 / Overall: 7.8
Positive: Excellent in the dry with best steering response and stability. Still safe to drive in the snow
Negative: Average wet performance

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Nokian WeatherProof6th: Nokian WeatherProof
Total: 67.2 / Dry: 7.2 / Wet: 7.6 / Snow: 7.8 / Subjective: 7 / Wet Subjective: 7 / Comfort: 6 / Rolling Resistance: 9 / Noise: 8 / Overall: 7.6
Positive: Excellent braking and traction in the snow, excellent aquaplaning results
Negative: Poor snow balance with oversteer, poor steering precision in the wet and dry

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Continental Premium Contact 56th: Continental Premium Contact 5
Total: 72.2 / Dry: 9.9 / Wet: 9.1 / Snow: 1.2 / Subjective: 9 / Wet Subjective: 9 / Comfort: 10 / Rolling Resistance: 8 / Noise: 8 / Overall: 8
Positive: Quiet and comfortable, best in the dry and strong in the wet
Negative: No winter performance

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Toyo Celsius7th: Toyo Celsius
Total: 61.7 / Dry: 7.2 / Wet: 6.1 / Snow: 7.8 / Subjective: 8 / Wet Subjective: 6 / Comfort: 7 / Rolling Resistance: 5 / Noise: 8 / Overall: 6.6
Positive: Stable and balanced driving in the snow
Negative: Poor wet performance

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