2019 EVO Summer Tyre Test

Test Summary
Wet BrakingPirelli P Zero PZ4: 37.5 M
Dunlop SportMaxx RT 2: 40.8 M
Dry BrakingContinental Premium Contact 6: 35.2 M
Falken Azenis FK510: 37.3 M
Wet HandlingPirelli P Zero PZ4: 82.1 s
Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5: 84.4 s
Dry HandlingPirelli P Zero PZ4: 87.3 s
Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5: 89.3 s
Rolling ResistanceDunlop SportMaxx RT 2: 08.58 kg / t
Pirelli P Zero PZ4: 10.16 kg / t
Straight AquaGoodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5: 77.5 Km/H
Continental Premium Contact 6: 75.3 Km/H
Subj. Dry HandlingPirelli P Zero PZ4: 63 Points
Falken Azenis FK510: 47 Points
Subj. Wet HandlingPirelli P Zero PZ4: 59 Points
Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5: 49 Points
Subj. ComfortContinental Premium Contact 6: 24 Points
Falken Azenis FK510: 18.5 Points
The excellent UK automotive magazine EVO always seems to publish their summer tyre test late in the season, but it shouldn't be ignored as it's one of the best in Europe if you care as much about steering feel and feedback as you do ultimate grip.

This year, EVO have tested seven 225/40 R18 UHP tyres using a VW Golf GTI at the Pirelli test facility in Vizzola, Italy, and while the volume of tyres is surprisingly small for such a common size, the breath of testing was as vast as any European tyre test.


As ever, the dry testing was close, but this test showed a return to form by Pirelli.

During dry handling the P Zero had a huge advantage, finishing nearly a second over the second placed Michelin Pilot Sport 4, with both tyres scoring well subjectively by demonstrating quick, accurate steering, and good feedback.

The Michelin also had nearly a second advantage over the third place Dunlop SportMaxx RT2, with the older Dunlop lacking the traction and steering feel of the best on test. Fourth place was joint awarded to the Continental PremiumContact 6 and Falken FK510. While they finished with matching lap times, subjectively the Continental was much better around the lap, with the Falken feeling light and inaccurate. The Nokian PowerProof and new Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 rounded out the results, with the Goodyear scoring slightly better subjectively.


Dry braking had a similar overall result, this time with Continental leading Michelin and Pirelli.


Once again, Pirelli dominated wet testing at their home track, with an unusually large 1.2 second advantage over just 1.8km. Michelin and Continental finished second and third place for both the timed lap, and subjective handling scores.

Dunlop and Falken placed fourth and fifth respectively in both timed and subjective handling, and the new Goodyear had another poor result finishing sixth in time, and last subjectively. This isn't something that's been shown in other testing.

Wet braking again showed the dominance of the Pirelli, finishing a meter ahead of the Falken and 1.5 meters ahead of third placed Michelin.

Aquaplaning resulted in a rest bite for Goodyear, winning the straight aquaplaning test.


EVO Magazine doesn't test NVH in a normal way, instead they run a road route on the tyre which looks at noise and comfort levels, along with steering weight, feel and feedback on the road.

In this testing, the Continental proved to be the best on the road tyre, largely thanks to its excellent refinement over all types of road surface.

If you'd prefer a little more steering feel over comfort, the Pirelli and Michelin both offered more feedback, with the Michelin doing a better job than the Pirelli of combining comfort and steering feel.

Surprisingly the Falken, which is often rated in other testing as having excellent levels of comfort at the expense of subjectively handling, was last in this test.

Rolling resistance was the weak point of the Pirelli, finishing last.



Don't forget to go and pick up the magazine or check out www.evo.co.uk for the full test details!

Pirelli P Zero PZ41st: Pirelli P Zero PZ4
  • 1st: Wet Braking (+0M)
  • 3rd: Dry Braking (+0.3M)
  • 1st: Wet Handling (+0s)
  • 1st: Dry Handling (+0s)
  • 7th: Rolling Resistance (+1.58kg / t)
  • 4th: Straight Aqua (+-1.8Km/H)
  • 1st: Subj. Dry Handling (+0Points)
  • 1st: Subj. Wet Handling (+0Points)
  • 2nd: Subj. Comfort (+-0.5Points)
Overall: There may be a slight home advantage in tyre testing, but with no fewer than six top spots, the PZ4 P Zero totally dominated this test. The tyre dominated in both wet and dry testing, objectively and subjectively.

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Michelin Pilot Sport 42nd: Michelin Pilot Sport 4
  • 3rd: Wet Braking (+1.5M)
  • 2nd: Dry Braking (+0.2M)
  • 2nd: Wet Handling (+1.2s)
  • 2nd: Dry Handling (+0.8s)
  • 5th: Rolling Resistance (+0.3kg / t)
  • 3rd: Straight Aqua (+-0.8Km/H)
  • 2nd: Subj. Dry Handling (+-5.5Points)
  • 2nd: Subj. Wet Handling (+-2.5Points)
  • 2nd: Subj. Comfort (+-0.5Points)
Overall: While the Pilot Sport 4 didn't win any test, it was almost always in the top three, having a very rounded balance of performances, and great steering feel in the wet and dry.

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Continental Premium Contact 63rd: Continental Premium Contact 6
  • 5th: Wet Braking (+2.2M)
  • 1st: Dry Braking (+0M)
  • 3rd: Wet Handling (+2s)
  • 4th: Dry Handling (+1.8s)
  • 4th: Rolling Resistance (+0.26kg / t)
  • 7th: Straight Aqua (+-2.2Km/H)
  • 5th: Subj. Dry Handling (+-12Points)
  • 3rd: Subj. Wet Handling (+-3.5Points)
  • 1st: Subj. Comfort (+0Points)
Overall: The best tyre on the road route, offering low noise and high comfort, and strong in the wet.

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Dunlop SportMaxx RT 24th: Dunlop SportMaxx RT 2
  • 7th: Wet Braking (+3.3M)
  • 6th: Dry Braking (+1.7M)
  • 4th: Wet Handling (+2.2s)
  • 3rd: Dry Handling (+1.7s)
  • 1st: Rolling Resistance (+0kg / t)
  • 2nd: Straight Aqua (+-0.6Km/H)
  • 3rd: Subj. Dry Handling (+-11Points)
  • 4th: Subj. Wet Handling (+-6Points)
  • 6th: Subj. Comfort (+-3Points)
Overall: Lowest rolling resistance and best curved aquaplaning result, the Dunlop had mild traction issues in the dry and wet.

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Nokian PowerProof4th: Nokian PowerProof
  • 4th: Wet Braking (+1.6M)
  • 4th: Dry Braking (+1M)
  • 5th: Wet Handling (+2.3s)
  • 6th: Dry Handling (+1.9s)
  • 3rd: Rolling Resistance (+0.19kg / t)
  • 5th: Straight Aqua (+-1.9Km/H)
  • 6th: Subj. Dry Handling (+-12.5Points)
  • 5th: Subj. Wet Handling (+-8Points)
  • 4th: Subj. Comfort (+-1Points)
Overall: A solid balance of results for the Nokian resulted in joint fourth. "Agile and willing" in the dry, but a little skittish in the wet.

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Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 56th: Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5
  • 6th: Wet Braking (+2.4M)
  • 5th: Dry Braking (+1.4M)
  • 5th: Wet Handling (+2.3s)
  • 7th: Dry Handling (+2s)
  • 2nd: Rolling Resistance (+0.01kg / t)
  • 1st: Straight Aqua (+0Km/H)
  • 3rd: Subj. Dry Handling (+-11Points)
  • 7th: Subj. Wet Handling (+-10Points)
  • 5th: Subj. Comfort (+-1.5Points)
Overall: An unusually poor result for the Asym5, with a lack of steering feel and grip in the dry and wet testing.

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Falken Azenis FK5107th: Falken Azenis FK510
  • 2nd: Wet Braking (+1M)
  • 7th: Dry Braking (+2.1M)
  • 5th: Wet Handling (+2.3s)
  • 4th: Dry Handling (+1.8s)
  • 6th: Rolling Resistance (+0.5kg / t)
  • 6th: Straight Aqua (+-2.1Km/H)
  • 7th: Subj. Dry Handling (+-16Points)
  • 5th: Subj. Wet Handling (+-8Points)
  • 7th: Subj. Comfort (+-5.5Points)
Overall: Scored well in the wet tests, however it lacked subjective steering feel and refinement on the road route.

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