Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen 2 - Press Release - Press Release

The eagerly awaited Goodyear Vector 4Season Gen 2 is here! Building on the sucess of the multiple award winning Goodyear Vector 4Season, the new Vector 4Season Generation 2 aims to be the perfect year round tyre for the UK climate.

We'll be driving on the new tyre soon, for now here's the press release.

Goodyear Vector 4Season Gen 2 - Press Release

Press Release

Goodyear announces today that it launched its second generation Vector 4Seasons tyre. The new Vector 4Seasons builds on over 30 years of all-season tyre innovation, as well many years of insights delivered from all-season fitments on hundreds of original equipment (OE) vehicles including leading brands such as Volkswagen, Audi, Fiat, Jeep, Opel, Ford and Renault. 

Today the award-winning first generation Vector 4Seasons is available in all key European markets and the new generation tyre will integrally replace its predecessor in those markets over time.  

“The launch of our second generation Vector 4Seasons is built of over 30 years of engineering innovation, consumer insights and OE fitments,” explains Adam Butcher, Goodyear UK Marketing Manager. “Goodyear has been a leader in the four season market since it first launched the concept of an all seasons tyre in the mid-1980s and today we continue to deliver on our original promise of delivering quality and peace of mind in a single tyre.”

The Vector 4Seasons Generation 2 is designed to meet an increasing demand for convenience from drivers who do not always change their tyres according to seasonality. Recent research by Goodyear showed that a significant number of consumers in Europe see an all season tyre as a comfortable alternative for the second family car and that the convenience of a single tyre fitment is gaining popularity on these vehicles.

The new Vector 4Seasons is developed to meet and also match key winter needs, especially in regions with a softer winter. Although these regions often have less regular sub-zero temperatures, they still face conditions such as light snow and ice.  Compared to its predecessor, the improved arrangement of smaller and connected blocks improves the tyre’s overall performance on snowy roads while a wide cavity delivers improved overall performance on icy roads.

Because not all winters are dominated by snow, Goodyear included its advanced SmartTred plasticizer, the latest polymer technology and an increased silica proportion to deliver a better overall performance on wet, slushy and icy roads compared to its predecessor. The inclusion of hydrodynamic grooves further deliver improved aquaplaning resistance on wet and slushy roads. The new generation Vector 4Seasons also delivers improved stability and handling on dry roads versus its predecessor thanks to enhanced tread stiffness, provided by its 3D sipes. Finally, a solid tread pattern with gradient stiffness provides excellent performance over the tyre’s entire life. 

“When we developed the Vector 4Seasons range we looked at ensuring that the tyre could meet the most challenging road conditions – namely those in winter–while also being a true all season tyre,” adds Butcher. “Today multiple independent and internal tyre tests confirm that we continue to lead in snow and ice capabilities, as well as the all-important wet category – all classic UK winter realities. Improving our consumers’ safety in all conditions remains a top priority for Goodyear, and the Vector 4Seasons will continue to contribute to that promise by keeping consumers moving ahead and feeling safe all year long.” 

Independent test by TUV Süd has shown that the tyre is a leader on snow with 12% shorter braking distance on snowy roads as compared to the average of its competitors. In the same tests, the Vector4Seasons also showed 19% more traction grip on snow and a 13% shorter braking distance on icy roads compared to the average of its competitors. 

Goodyear’s Vector 4Seasons Generation 2 will be available as of now, with additional sizes added to the range through January 2016. In total a line-up of 43 different sizes, including three run on flat models, will be made available on the market by early 2016. 

Compared to average of three leading competitors. Measured by TÜV SÜD Automotive in December 2014 and January 2015; Tyre Size: 205/55R16 94V; Test Car: VW Golf 7; Location: SaariselkaIvalo (FI), Mireval(F), Montpellier (F), TÜV SÜD Allarch(D), TÜV SÜD Garching(D); Report nr: 713051337

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