Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons Gen 2

Dry Grip 79%
Wet Grip 88%
Road Feedback 76%
Handling 70%
Wear 89%
Comfort 88%
Buy again 87%

The Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons Gen 2 is a Premium Touring All Season tyre designed to be fitted to Passenger Car

This tyre replaced the Goodyear Vector 4Seasons

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Tyre review data from 18 tyre reviews averaging 82% over 185,500 miles driven.


Latest Group Test Results

2018 ADAC All Season Tyre Test - 3rd of 11 tyres

  • Positive - Best in the wet, low wear.
  • Negative - Relatively weak in the dry and on snow.

2018 Gute Fahrt Summer Tyre Test - 2nd of 12 tyres

  • Positive - Balanced all season tyre.
  • Negative - Compared to the summer tyres poor dry and wet performance, especially in braking.
  • Overall - Good.

2018 AZ Summer AND All Season Tyre Test - 1st of 9 tyres

  • Overall - The Vector 4 Season Gen-2 proves to be the strongest all season tyre in the wet, but can't match the Crossclimate or summer tyres in the dry. An excellent all round performance otherwise.
Size Fuel Wet Noise Weight
155/70 R13 75T   E C 66 5.69kgs
165/70 R13 79T   E B 67 6.27kgs
175/70 R13 82T   E B 67 6.60kgs
165/60 R14 75H   E C 66 6.13kgs
185/60 R14 82H   C B 67 6.98kgs
155/65 R14 75T   E C 66 5.74kgs
175/65 R14 82T   E B 68 6.68kgs
175/65 R14 82T   C B 68  
175/65 R14 86T XL   C B 67 6.85kgs
185/65 R14 86H   C B 67 7.32kgs
165/70 R14 85T XL   C B 67 6.84kgs
165/70 R14 81T   E B 67 6.65kgs
175/70 R14 84T   E B 67 6.95kgs
185/70 R14 88T   C B 68 7.49kgs
175/80 R14 88T   E B 67 7.78kgs
195/50 R15 82H   E B 67 7.38kgs
185/55 R15 82H   C B 68 7.05kgs
195/55 R15 85H   C B 68 7.64kgs
185/60 R15 84T   C B 67 7.13kgs
185/60 R15 88H XL   C B 68 7.41kgs
195/60 R15 88H   C B 68 7.83kgs
205/60 R15 95H XL   B B 68 8.49kgs
175/65 R15 84T   C B 67 6.96kgs
185/65 R15 88H   C B 68 7.55kgs
185/65 R15 88T   C B 69 7.72kgs
185/65 R15 88T   C B 68 7.55kgs
195/65 R15 95H XL   C B 68 8.33kgs
195/65 R15 91H   B C 70 8.00kgs
195/65 R15 91H   C B 68 7.98kgs
195/65 R15 91T   C B 68 7.98kgs
195/65 R15 91V   C B 68 8.11kgs
205/65 R15 94H   C B 68 8.63kgs
215/45 R16 90V XL   C B 69 8.29kgs
195/55 R16 87V   C B 68 7.95kgs
195/55 R16 87H   C B 68 7.81kgs
195/55 R16 87H   E B 68 10.23kgs
205/55 R16 94V XL   C B 68 8.85kgs
205/55 R16 91V   C C 71 8.77kgs
205/55 R16 91V   E B 68 11.33kgs
205/55 R16 91H   C B 68 8.68kgs
215/55 R16 93V   C B 69 8.68kgs
205/60 R16 96V XL   B C 67 9.18kgs
205/60 R16 92H   C B 68 8.66kgs
225/45 R17 94V XL   C B 69 9.63kgs
205/50 R17 93V XL   C B 68 9.05kgs
215/50 R17 95V XL   C B 68 9.92kgs
225/50 R17 98V XL   C B 69 10.48kgs
225/50 R17 94V   C B 69 9.74kgs
235/55 R17 103V XL   C B 69 12.48kgs
215/60 R17 96H   B B 68 9.35kgs

Questions and Answers for the Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons Gen 2

2018-02-21 - Are Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons Gen 2 M+S marked?

Yes, the Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons Gen 2 meets the M+S and 3 peak mountain and snowflake symbol standards.

2018-09-20 - As a set of winter specific tyres for the South West of the UK, would you recommend these or the more summer biased Michelin Crossclimate+? I have Michelin PS4s for summer, so winter performance in ice and the odd bit of snow is important but without the full winter tyre downsides.

I would look at the Michelin for the south of the UK.

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Size Price Range  
165/70 R14 £46.30 - £60.29 (16 Prices) Compare Prices >>
185/55 R15 £67.30 - £90.70 (14 Prices) Compare Prices >>
195/65 R15 £51.80 - £69.08 (54 Prices) Compare Prices >>
205/55 R16 £65.50 - £112.51 (55 Prices) Compare Prices >>
225/45 R17 £88.02 - £112.61 (25 Prices) Compare Prices >>
235/55 R17 £113.14 - £153.00 (28 Prices) Compare Prices >>
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Top Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons Gen 2 Review

Given 88% while driving a Volvo V40 D4 Cross Country (225/45 R17 R) on mostly motorways for 7,000 average miles
Excellent all season tyre
173 - tyre reviewed on June 22, 2016   

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Given 87% while driving a Suzuki Ignis 1.5 GLX VVT 4Grip (185/60 R15 H) on mostly country roads for 12,000 average miles
On my second set of Goodyear Vector 4 Season Gen 2 - previously had them on a Subaru Legacy Tourer. Found them to be great all-rounders so have got them now on a Suzuki Ignis 4Grip.

These tyres were excellent in the snow we had early in 2018 - obviously Subaru AWD cars are well-suited to snow but with these tyres it was invincible. I was using lanes that only snow ploughs could use and I was able to stop and start on compacted snow/icy hills without any issues.

Sadly my Subaru went to diesel Hell (expensive on-going DPF/EGR issues) and I'm relegated to the Ignis - so I'm hoping the same Goodyear tyres will help it punch above its weight in any snow as I have to care for my elderly parents in a hilly area.

First impressions - the steering in the dry is much lighter. (The Michelin Energy ones made it heavy). This might explain the comment others have made about "floaty" steering. On my Subaru it was the same - with Vector 4 Seasons Gen 2 - I couldn't easily sense what the wheels were doing on the snow/ice. However, if you know how to drive on snow, it's not a problem.

They seem to wear well and although you can hear it's a grippier tyre, this isn't annoyingly loud - perhaps it sounds "meatier".

I'll keep buying these until Goodyear comes up with a new version. (Kwik Fit often offers discounts of 20% when ordered online so a set of 4 cost me £258 all in.)

2 - tyre reviewed on November 27, 2018   
Given 86% while driving a Volkswagen Polo 1.4 16v (195/50 R15) on a combination of roads for 8,000 average miles
Great tyre for the little Polo, which has now gone. They kept me moving when others struggled. Will now buy again for the winter months to fit my Golf R Variant.
3 - tyre reviewed on September 24, 2018   
What's better in the snow, a 4x4 or winter tyres? Watch the video to find out!
Given 90% while driving a Nissan Note 1.5 dci (185/65 R15 H) on a combination of roads for 15,000 average miles
Moved over to all seasons because of the potential expense of running two sets of tyres with a tyre pressure monitoring system. Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons the choice because I find the compromise in winter far greater than any loss of performance in summer. Extremely pleased with these tyres as they proved their worth during the 'Beast from the East' when snow was thick on the ground, but the car never lost traction. During the summer there has been no appreciable loss of grip, and of particular note is the excellent wear rate. Fronts are at 15,000 miles with at least 6mm of tread left. Rears seem to have barely worn at all. No hesitation in recommending or saying I would buy again.
13 - tyre reviewed on July 29, 2018   
Given 81% while driving a Mazda 3 Series (205/55 R16) on mostly town for 3,000 average miles
Tires are very good in wet&snow conditions, but in the summer they feel like low budget tires. Weak dry braking compared to the regular summer tyre. Good for daily city diving without speeding. I drove over 3.000 miles for 4 months in all conditions (mud, snow, hot summer days) and they look like New. A little bit noisy - not too much, but a comfortable ride. At the time of purchase they were cheaper than Crossclimate and that's why i decided to buy GY vector 4 seasons 2.

All in all, I recommend them to everyone who doesn't drive much, and who doesn't want to have two sets of tires. If you love fast driving stick to the regular summer tires.
7 - tyre reviewed on June 21, 2018   

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