Volvo C30 1.8 Tyres

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The following tyres have been reviewed on the Volvo C30 1.8
Toyo Snowprox S954 (4) 80% 57% 73% 73% 67% 77% 63% 70% 18,500
Maxxis Premitra HP5 (19) 82% 73% 69% 71% 55% 65% 60% 68% 99,744
Zeetex S100 (2) 15% 15% 10% 30% 10% 60% 10% 21% 1,600

Volvo C30 1.8 Tyre Review Highlights

Writing about the Toyo Snowprox S954 given 79% (205-55-16-H)
Driving on mostly motorways for 7000 average miles
For the price of about €55 each it's a good tyre.
In the wet the performance isn't that great, but it's OK. On roundabouts I had understeer several times, even at lower speeds.
However feedback is pretty good, you feel easily when the tyres are on their limits and you need to slow down.

In dry conditions the tyres are coping very well. Good grip, it all feels good.
In snow I've driven only once, and I didn't have a problem there.

Wear doesnt seem too bad, but I havent measured the exact wear yet.
The comfort seems to be better at first than it is now (After 10000km). The tyres seem to have become more noisy.
At this price point I think these tyres are unbeatable. I have had other winter tyres before, Goodyear Ultragrip 8, those were more silent, better in the wet, but the price point is higher. Just like Vredestein Snowtrac 2's back in the days.
I've also had cheaper brands which were worse. So at this price point they;re unbeatable and safe enough
tyre reviewed on 2017-02-23 20:36:22
Writing about the Maxxis Premitra HP5 given 63% (205-50-17-V)
Driving on mostly motorways for 6000 easy going miles
After dubbing a lot between these tyres or Vredestein Ultrac Satin, I chose the Maxxis. Reviews I read were pretty fine, good grip in wet and dry, a little bit higher wear, but a little bit ain't that bad at a price of €62 each, compared to €85 for Vredestein.

Today, after about 10,000kms I thought it was a good idea to check the wear. They've been on the rear axle all the time, so wear shouldn't be too bad. After all, I had Vredestein Sportrac5 before for 46,000km and they're still going strong at the front axle with another 30,000kms done (76,000 in total!). These have to be replaced now, so a good moment to check whether Maxxis is doing well.

Immediately upon checking the wear it seemed my tyre pressure must have been too low. 1.5mm wear at the sides, 0.5 in the middle. But I checked, 2.5bar, as I always had before, and what Volvo advices. I set them to 3bars, but I don't think it will be comfortable..

So.. 1.5mm in 10,000km.. = 6mm in just 40,000km, and they have to be replaced... Just 40,000km on the rear axle.. that's bad. If my former Vredestein would've been on the rear all the time, they might have hit 100,000km.. and the price of Maxxis is certainly not more than half of Vredestein..

Grip in wet and dry is fine. They're pretty noisy, also a bad thing.
I won't buy these tyres again, they wear out far too fast.
tyre reviewed on 2017-07-06 19:41:21
Writing about the Zeetex S100 given 23% (205-55-16-V)
Driving on mostly motorways for 1500 average miles
Got these on a set of secondhand rims+tyres in 2015.
Were rubbish. Steering was suddenly extremely light compared to summer tyres (same width), Sliding on roundabouts in dry and wet, and suddenly after 2 weeks the sidewall of one of them cracked.

I don't trust these anymore at all, dot code is from 2011.

These are winter tyres (Ice plus and the walls), but just plain bad. The only advantages were low fuel economy and they were pretty silent.
tyre reviewed on 2016-10-05 21:03:52
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