2019 NAF Summer Tyre Test

Test Summary
Wet BrakingMichelin Primacy 4: 49.1 M
Bridgestone Turanza T005: 53.1 M
Dry BrakingContinental Premium Contact 6: 34.6 M
Reference Winter: 46 M
Wet HandlingContinental Premium Contact 6: 69.46 s
Reference Winter: 71.51 s
Dry HandlingContinental Premium Contact 6: 108.52 s
Reference Winter: 111.13 s
Rolling ResistanceBridgestone Turanza T005: 5.34 kg / t
Nokian Hakka Blue 2: 5.62 kg / t
NoiseBridgestone Turanza T005: 72.2 dB
Michelin Primacy 4: 73.4 dB
Straight AquaReference Winter: 90.1 Km/H
Continental Premium Contact 6: 79.8 Km/H
The Norwegian AutoMobile Federation (NAF) has tested seven summer tyre patterns in 205/55 R16, and included a premium winter tyre for comparison.

The winter tyre performed surprisingly well during the wet braking testing, which was tested between 18 and 25c, beating the Dunlop and Bridgestone summer tyres. Wet handling showed a little more weakness, with the winter tyre finishing last, but it was still within a few percent of the summer tyres.

As with all siped tyres, the penalty came in the dry. Testing at 21-23c, the winter tyre was at a huge disadvantage, stopping the car nearly 30% further on than the best summer tyre on test, which is the difference between stopping safely, and having a huge accident! While the tyre was closer during dry handling, it was still significantly slower than all the summer tyres.

Let this test be a good reminder as to why we shouldn't run winter tyres, or winter-bias all season tyres across the dry summer months.

Full data below.





Continental Premium Contact 61st: Continental Premium Contact 6
  • 2nd: Wet Braking (+1.4M)
  • 1st: Dry Braking (+0M)
  • 1st: Wet Handling (+0s)
  • 1st: Dry Handling (+0s)
  • 3rd: Rolling Resistance (+0.14kg / t)
  • 1st: Noise (+0dB)
  • 8th: Straight Aqua (+-10.3Km/H)
Positive: Excellent lateral stability on dry and wet surfaces, impressive braking performance, especially on dry surfaces, low noise.
Negative: The weakest resistance to aquaplaning.

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Nokian Hakka Blue 22nd: Nokian Hakka Blue 2
  • 3rd: Wet Braking (+1.8M)
  • 6th: Dry Braking (+1.5M)
  • 4th: Wet Handling (+0.72s)
  • 6th: Dry Handling (+0.86s)
  • 8th: Rolling Resistance (+0.28kg / t)
  • 5th: Noise (+0.6dB)
  • 2nd: Straight Aqua (+-6.1Km/H)
Positive: Short braking distance, high lateral stability and good handling on wet surfaces.
Negative: Relatively long braking distance and insufficient dry handling, highest fuel consumption.

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Dunlop Sport BluResponse3rd: Dunlop Sport BluResponse
  • 7th: Wet Braking (+3.4M)
  • 3rd: Dry Braking (+1M)
  • 5th: Wet Handling (+0.92s)
  • 3rd: Dry Handling (+0.48s)
  • 4th: Rolling Resistance (+0.17kg / t)
  • 3rd: Noise (+0.2dB)
  • 4th: Straight Aqua (+-7.3Km/H)
Positive: Accurate and fast reactions to steering, low noise.
Negative: Relatively long braking distance on wet roads.

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Firestone RoadHawk3rd: Firestone RoadHawk
  • 4th: Wet Braking (+2.2M)
  • 3rd: Dry Braking (+1M)
  • 2nd: Wet Handling (+0.36s)
  • 2nd: Dry Handling (+0.42s)
  • 6th: Rolling Resistance (+0.24kg / t)
  • 3rd: Noise (+0.2dB)
  • 5th: Straight Aqua (+-8.2Km/H)
Positive: High lateral stability, quick steering, neutral balance.
Negative: High noise levels.

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Michelin Primacy 45th: Michelin Primacy 4
  • 1st: Wet Braking (+0M)
  • 5th: Dry Braking (+1.3M)
  • 7th: Wet Handling (+1.68s)
  • 7th: Dry Handling (+0.88s)
  • 5th: Rolling Resistance (+0.23kg / t)
  • 8th: Noise (+1.2dB)
  • 3rd: Straight Aqua (+-6.3Km/H)
Positive: Excellent braking performance.
Negative: Weak lateral stability.

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Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance6th: Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance
  • 5th: Wet Braking (+2.6M)
  • 7th: Dry Braking (+1.7M)
  • 6th: Wet Handling (+1.63s)
  • 5th: Dry Handling (+0.79s)
  • 2nd: Rolling Resistance (+0.05kg / t)
  • 7th: Noise (+0.8dB)
  • 6th: Straight Aqua (+-8.3Km/H)
Positive: Low fuel consumption, high aquaplaning resistance.
Negative: Weak lateral stability, understeer and long braking in the dry, elevated noise.

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Bridgestone Turanza T0057th: Bridgestone Turanza T005
  • 8th: Wet Braking (+4M)
  • 2nd: Dry Braking (+0.9M)
  • 3rd: Wet Handling (+0.62s)
  • 4th: Dry Handling (+0.49s)
  • 1st: Rolling Resistance (+0kg / t)
  • 1st: Noise (+0dB)
  • 7th: Straight Aqua (+-8.8Km/H)
Positive: Good handling and grip in the dry and wet, short dry braking distances.
Negative: Longest wet braking, low aquaplaning resistance, noise.

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Reference Winter8th: Reference Winter
  • 6th: Wet Braking (+2.9M)
  • 8th: Dry Braking (+11.4M)
  • 8th: Wet Handling (+2.05s)
  • 8th: Dry Handling (+2.61s)
  • 7th: Rolling Resistance (+0.27kg / t)
  • 5th: Noise (+0.6dB)
  • 1st: Straight Aqua (+0Km/H)
Positive: Very high aquaplaning resistance, short braking and good lateral grip in the wet.
Negative: Poor handling and very long braking distances in the dry.

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