Continental WinterContact TS 860 S

Dry Grip 93%
Wet Grip 93%
Road Feedback 95%
Handling 93%
Wear 95%
Comfort 100%
Buy again 98%
Snow Grip 100%
Ice Grip 95%

The Continental WinterContact TS 860 S is a Ultra High Performance Winter tyre designed to be fitted to Passenger Car

This tyre replaced the Continental WinterContact TS 850 P

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Tyre review data from 6 tyre reviews averaging 96% over 33,000 miles driven.


Latest Group Test Results

2019 19 Inch Performance Winter Tyre Test - 4th of 12 tyres

  • Positive - Sporty dry handling, precise steering, good feedback, low rolling resistance.
  • Negative - Slightly long wet braking, average comfort, expensive.
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Questions and Answers for the Continental WinterContact TS 860 S

2018-10-31 - Would the new Continental WinterContact 860 S in 245/40/R19 be suitable for a Tesla Model S with a standard tyre size of 245/45/R19? Is the new S tyre as suitable as an all seasons tyre as its predecessor 860?

The TS860S moves the balance of performance back towards dry even more, so in theory it's probably as good an "all season" as a winter tyre gets but it will still be at a big dry braking disadvantage in the summer. As for changing the tyre size, you'll have to see what other Tesla owners are doing as that's not something I can give advice on.

2018-11-04 - Love the winter tyre review and found it very informative. My wife runs a e93 335i (225/35/19, 255/30/19) and I’d like to switch to the Conti ts860s for winter. My question is, do these come in runflats? I like the ability for her to be not stranded should there be an issue, and it’s happened a few times, hence why I’ve continued with runflats on her car. Alternatively, would you suggest some other run flat for London winter?

The good news is the TS860 S is offered in runflat in certain sizes, you would have to check with Continental or your tyre retailer to see if you can get RFT versions for both your front and rear sizes!

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205/60 R16 £92.80 - £103.73 (9 Prices) Compare Prices >>
225/45 R17 £115.00 - £117.68 (2 Prices) Compare Prices >>
275/35 R19 £229.00 - £280.90 (9 Prices) Compare Prices >>
295/30 R20 £311.00 - £333.00 (7 Prices) Compare Prices >>
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Top Continental WinterContact TS 860 S Review

Given 100% while driving a BMW 330d (235/35 R19) on a combination of roads for 12,000 average miles
Outstanding winter tyre in every area
85 - tyre reviewed on September 12, 2018   

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Given 100% while driving a Skoda Rapid TSI (185/60 R15) on mostly motorways for 10,000 easy going miles
What a tyre, extremely satisfied, mainly Iam driving on motorways 70% and 30% in the city. Till now I have done approx 9-11k Km.
Excellent handling on wet, dry or snow conditions, never worried or felt a fear, I am so comfortable that I really drove the same way like I have a summer tyre.
Exceptional performance on snow, usually going for a week at alps for skiing and have to say they shine, exceptional grip control and very good road feedback, you totally know when you can push more or you are pushing too much.
Few times I had to break hard on highways I felt comfortable and confident.
No wear issues till now.
Deff would buy it again and I would recommend it 100%

Please note, generally Iam an easy going driver with gentle foot.
1 - tyre reviewed on November 30, 2019   
Do winter tyres really work on supercars? Watch this video to find out!
Given 90% while driving a BMW M5 (295/30 R20 W) on a combination of roads for 3,000 spirited miles
Tremendous winter tyre. Been driving in deep snow, ice, and they just grip for days.
24 - tyre reviewed on February 14, 2019   
Given 99% while driving a Ford Focus MK3 (225/45 R17) on a combination of roads for 5,000 average miles
The best winter tyre money can buy
12 - tyre reviewed on December 18, 2018   
Given 95% while driving a BMW M2 (275/35 R19 V) on a combination of roads for 2,000 spirited miles
TS 860 S is an amazing performance winter tire. I went a size bigger than OEM with 255/275 35 19 on my manual BMW M2. So far the best winter tire I ever had. On dry roads there is not much difference between these and summers. Feedback is great, I had TS850P on my previous car and they were a bit squishy during cornering, but TS860 S have stiffer sidewalls and you can feel it. Wet grip is also great, didn't test them on snow yet. Great plus is comfort, as the rubber is softer it absorbs more bumps and overall ride is more comfortable without sacrificing performance, a win-win in my books. Would defo by again and highly recommend.
9 - tyre reviewed on December 13, 2018   

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