2018 AZ SUV Winter Tyre Test

Test Summary
Best tyre for dry roadsYokohama W Drive
Best tyre for wet roadsDunlop Winter Sport 5 SUV
Best tyre for snowMichelin Latitude Alpin 2
The best tyre overallMichelin Latitude Alpin 2
The lowest fuel useContinental Winter Contact TS 850 P SUV
The most comfortableBridgestone Blizzak LM80 EVO
The quietest tyreDunlop Winter Sport 5 SUV
For 2018, the German publication Auto Zeitung have tested nine SUV / 4X4 winter tyre patterns in the popular 235/60 R18 size using an Audi Q5.

The tyres on test covered the premium and midrange segments, with a single budget tyre included, the Wanli Snowgrip S1083. The Wanli tyre was less than half the price of the most expensive tyres on test, so it will be interesting to see whether the Chinese manufactured tyre can improve on past performances.


The top two tyres during dry braking testing also happened to be the worst two tyres overall on test, with the Wanli and Yokohama tyres drawing in first place. There was a larger than normal spread across the dry braking testing, with nearly 4 meters covering the best to worst on test.

The dry handling testing was much closer, with less than one second covering all nine tyre patterns. This time the Nokian WR SUV3 proved to be the best of the group.


The all important wet testing was dominated by the Michelin Latitude Alpin 2, which had both the shortest wet braking distance and the quickest wet handling lap.

After winning the dry braking test, the Wanli budget tyre proved that in the wet, you still get what you pay for, finishing a long distance behind the pack in both tests.

The straight aquaplaning test brought the first win for the Dunlop Winter Sport 5 SUV.


The Bridgestone LM80 EVO proved to be the most effective tyre during the snow braking testing.

While the Michelin Latitude Alpin 2 won the snow handling test.


The Continental WinterContact TS850 P proved to have the lowest fuel use on test.

During internal noise testing, all nine tyres were within just two decibels of each other.

The Nokian proved to be good value, finishing third place overall but significantly cheaper than the most expensive tyres on test.


Michelin Latitude Alpin 21st: Michelin Latitude Alpin 2
Total: 843 / Dry: 120 / Wet: 143 / Snow: 143 / Comfort: 7 / Rolling Resistance: 15 / Noise: 9 / Overall: 406
Overall: Victory for the Michelin, very strong on snow and in the wet.

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Continental Winter Contact TS 850 P SUV2nd: Continental Winter Contact TS 850 P SUV
Total: 838 / Dry: 134 / Wet: 132 / Snow: 132 / Comfort: 8 / Rolling Resistance: 25 / Noise: 9 / Overall: 398
Overall: A very well balanced performance for the TS850P SUV, strong in all categories.

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Nokian WR SUV 33rd: Nokian WR SUV 3
Total: 810 / Dry: 128 / Wet: 131 / Snow: 131 / Comfort: 7 / Rolling Resistance: 15 / Noise: 8 / Overall: 390
Overall: A third place for Nokian thanks you balanced and consistent results.

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Dunlop Winter Sport 5 SUV4th: Dunlop Winter Sport 5 SUV
Total: 817 / Dry: 127 / Wet: 147 / Snow: 115 / Comfort: 5 / Rolling Resistance: 16 / Noise: 18 / Overall: 389
Overall: The Dunlop is a proven wet specialist with good dry properties.

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Pirelli Scorpion Winter5th: Pirelli Scorpion Winter
Total: 788 / Dry: 129 / Wet: 116 / Snow: 130 / Comfort: 8 / Rolling Resistance: 21 / Noise: 9 / Overall: 375
Overall: Good in the dry and on snow. Slight weakness in the wet.

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Bridgestone Blizzak LM80 EVO6th: Bridgestone Blizzak LM80 EVO
Total: 746 / Dry: 123 / Wet: 97 / Snow: 135 / Comfort: 9 / Rolling Resistance: 17 / Noise: 10 / Overall: 355
Overall: Good results for the Bridgestone on snow and dry roads, but too little grip in wet.

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Toyo Snowprox S954 SUV7th: Toyo Snowprox S954 SUV
Total: 730 / Dry: 123 / Wet: 121 / Snow: 104 / Comfort: 8 / Rolling Resistance: 18 / Noise: 8 / Overall: 348
Overall: Mid pack in the dry and wet, poor snow performance.

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Yokohama W Drive8th: Yokohama W Drive
Total: 679 / Dry: 136 / Wet: 108 / Snow: 80 / Comfort: 7 / Rolling Resistance: 15 / Noise: 9 / Overall: 324
Overall: Reasonable in the dry, but very poor snow performance.

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Wanli Snowgrip S10839th: Wanli Snowgrip S1083
Total: 669 / Dry: 134 / Wet: 59 / Snow: 123 / Comfort: 7 / Rolling Resistance: 22 / Noise: 8 / Overall: 316
Overall: Acceptable on snow and in the dry, but dangerously poor performance in the wet.

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