2017 Auto Bild All Season Tyre Test

Test Summary
Best tyre for dry roadsMichelin CrossClimate
Best tyre for wet roadsGoodyear Vector 4 Seasons Gen 2
Michelin CrossClimate
Best tyre for snowGoodyear Vector 4 Seasons Gen 2
Nokian WeatherProof
The best tyre overallMichelin CrossClimate
The lowest fuel useMichelin CrossClimate
Vredestein Quatrac 5
The most comfortableMichelin CrossClimate
Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons Gen 2
Uniroyal AllSeasonExpert
The quietest tyreGoodyear Vector 4 Seasons Gen 2
The 2017 Auto Bild All Season Tyre Test put eight 225/50 R17 all season tyres through the usual dry, wet and snow testing, and includes a reference summer and winter tyre for benchmarks.

The two all season heavyweights of the industry, the Michelin CrossClimate and the Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-2, trade results to tie overall in first place. As each of these all season tyres approaches year round motoring in different ways, we'll concentrate on the top two places for this write up.


All season tyres are traditionally "winter-bias all season" tyres. This means the tyre is more like a winter tyre than a summer tyre, and as a result there are performance penalties in the dry.

The "summer-bias all season" Michelin CrossClimate is more like a summer tyre than a winter tyre, which means during the dry tests, the Michelin dominated, stopping a huge 2.4 meters before the Goodyear stopped, and actually posting a faster lap time than the reference summer tyre on test!


The wet testing brings more balance to the "summer-bias all season vs winter-bias all season" argument. Both tyres outperform the reference summer tyre during the wet braking test, with the Goodyear edging out the Michelin in both wet braking and wet handling. The winter-bias Nokian WeatherProof also has a strong wet ability, finishing third in both tests. During the aquaplaning testing, the Michlin was slightly ahead of the Goodyear, but both tyres finished mid-table.


With the Michelin CrossClimate being the only "summer-bias all season tyre" on test, it would be easy to assume the advantage the Michelin has in the dry would mean a poor snow performance, but surprisingly the Michelin was extremely strong in the snow too - the CrossClimate finished just two places behind the Goodyear in snow braking, and almost matching the Goodyear in snow handling! Again, the Nokian Weatherproof proved to be an excellent "winter-bias all season" tyre, almost matching the reference winter tyre in snow braking and beating the winter tyre during the snow traction tests. Both the Michelin and Goodyear were extremely closely matched during snow traction, with the Goodyear having the slight edge.

Comfort, Fuel, Noise

The Goodyear proved to be the quietest tyre on test, where the Michelin could only manage sixth place, however the Michelin used the least fuel on test. Comfort levels between the two tyres were extremely similar.


Michelin CrossClimate1st: Michelin CrossClimate
Total: 48 / Dry: 8 / Wet: 7 / Snow: 6 / Comfort: 7 / Rolling Resistance: 7 / Noise: 6 / Overall: 7
Positive: As good as a summer tyre on dry roads, short wet braking distances, low rolling resistance.
Negative: Expensive, mid pack wet circle result.

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Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons Gen 21st: Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons Gen 2
Total: 47 / Dry: 5 / Wet: 7 / Snow: 7 / Comfort: 7 / Rolling Resistance: 6 / Noise: 9 / Overall: 6
Positive: Almost as good as a winter tyre in the snow, very short wet braking distances, very quiet and comfortable.
Negative: Expensive, average aquaplaning, average in the dry.

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Nokian WeatherProof3rd: Nokian WeatherProof
Total: 37 / Dry: 3 / Wet: 6 / Snow: 7 / Comfort: 4 / Rolling Resistance: 5 / Noise: 7 / Overall: 5
Positive: Almost as good as a winter tyre in the snow, good wet braking, quiet.
Negative: Average dry handling, high rolling resistance.

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Vredestein Quatrac 54th: Vredestein Quatrac 5
Total: 43 / Dry: 6 / Wet: 6 / Snow: 5 / Comfort: 6 / Rolling Resistance: 7 / Noise: 7 / Overall: 6
Positive: Good in the dry and wet, low rolling resistance.
Negative: Average aquaplaning result.

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Pirelli Cinturato AllSeason5th: Pirelli Cinturato AllSeason
Total: 37 / Dry: 5 / Wet: 6 / Snow: 5 / Comfort: 5 / Rolling Resistance: 6 / Noise: 5 / Overall: 5
Positive: Good aquaplaning safety, balanced performance.
Negative: Average dry handling, expensive.

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Uniroyal AllSeasonExpert6th: Uniroyal AllSeasonExpert
Total: 38 / Dry: 3 / Wet: 4 / Snow: 5 / Comfort: 7 / Rolling Resistance: 6 / Noise: 8 / Overall: 5
Positive: Safe in the snow, good aquaplaning resistance, quiet and comfortable, cheap.
Negative: Long dry braking, poor wet braking and handling.

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Total: 33 / Dry: 5 / Wet: 6 / Snow: 3 / Comfort: 5 / Rolling Resistance: 2 / Noise: 7 / Overall: 5
Positive: Good aquaplaning resistance, good wet braking, low price.
Negative: Poor snow grip, poor wet handling, high rolling resistance.

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Syron 365 Days8th: Syron 365 Days
Total: 22 / Dry: 5 / Wet: 1 / Snow: 2 / Comfort: 4 / Rolling Resistance: 2 / Noise: 4 / Overall: 4
Positive: Good aquaplaning resistance, ok dry handling, very cheap.
Negative: Poor wet grip, poor snow grip, high rolling resistance, high noise levels.

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Reference Summer9th: Reference Summer
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Reference Winter9th: Reference Winter
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