2010 Autocar Tyre Test - FWD

It's always nice to have a tyre test from British Magazine, and this week the Auto Car have provided us with not one, but two excellent tests.

Testing both 205/55 r16 tyres on a FWD VW Golf and 225/45 r17 tyres on a RWD Mercedes C280, Auto Car visited Uvalde test track in Texas, USA to put the chosen tyres through seven different disciplines.

On test were tyres from Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop, Goodyear, Michelin and Vredestein echoing Auto Cars message from 2008 - budget tyres aren't worth the risk, especially in a wet climate like the UK.

If you'd like the full reaction, pick up a copy of Auto Car dated 18th August 2010. The FWD results are below, and you can see the RWD results here!

FWD Highlights:

  • Less than a second covered the 6 tyres during dry handling lap
  • 4.3 metres, or 11% covered the 6 tyres in the dry braking test
  • During the wet lap the field was covered by 3 seconds
  • 6.2 metres, or 23% covered the tyres in the wet braking test
Vredestein Ultrac Cento1st: Vredestein Ultrac Cento
Total: 30.5 / Dry: 7 / Wet: 19.5 / Rolling Resistance: 4
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Bridgestone Turanza ER3002nd: Bridgestone Turanza ER300
Total: 29 / Dry: 11.5 / Wet: 14.5 / Rolling Resistance: 3
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Continental Premium Contact 22nd: Continental Premium Contact 2
Total: 29 / Dry: 8.5 / Wet: 19.5 / Rolling Resistance: 1
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Goodyear OptiGrip4th: Goodyear OptiGrip
Total: 22 / Dry: 4 / Wet: 16 / Rolling Resistance: 2
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Michelin Primacy HP5th: Michelin Primacy HP
Total: 18.5 / Dry: 5.5 / Wet: 7 / Rolling Resistance: 6
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Dunlop SP Sport Fast Response6th: Dunlop SP Sport Fast Response
Total: 18 / Dry: 5.5 / Wet: 7.5 / Rolling Resistance: 5
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Click to read the results of the RWD tyre test


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