Dunlop Sport BluResponse

Dry Grip 88%
Wet Grip 86%
Road Feedback 82%
Progressiveness 73%
Wear 61%
Comfort 84%
Buy again 67%
Dunlop Sport BluResponse

The Dunlop Sport BluResponse is a Ultra High Performance Summer tyre designed to be fitted to Passenger Car

This tyre replaced the Dunlop SP Sport Fast Response

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Tyre review data from 88 tyre reviews averaging 77% over 754,213 miles driven.


Size Fuel Wet Noise Weight
185/55 R14 80H   C A 67 6.05kgs
185/60 R14 82H   C B 67 6.44kgs
185/65 R14 86H   C B 67 6.56kgs
195/50 R15 82H   C A 67 6.81kgs
195/50 R15 82V   C A 67 6.76kgs
185/55 R15 82V   C A 67 6.65kgs
185/55 R15 82H   C A 67 6.65kgs
195/55 R15 85H   C A 67 6.94kgs
195/55 R15 85V   C A 67 6.94kgs
185/60 R15 84H   B B 66 6.75kgs
185/60 R15 84H   C B 67 7.64kgs
185/60 R15 84H   C B 67  
185/60 R15 84H   B A 67 6.71kgs
185/60 R15 88H XL   B A 67 6.70kgs
185/60 R15 84H   B B 67 6.74kgs
195/60 R15 88V   B A 68 7.18kgs
195/60 R15 88H   B A 68 7.18kgs
205/60 R15 95H XL   B A 67 7.74kgs
205/60 R15 91H   B A 67 7.74kgs
205/60 R15 91V   B A 67 7.74kgs
165/65 R15 81H   C C 66 6.58kgs
175/65 R15 84H   C B 67 7.20kgs
185/65 R15 88H   B A 67 6.81kgs
195/65 R15 95H XL   B A 68 7.75kgs
195/65 R15 91H   B A 68 7.61kgs
195/65 R15 91V   B A 68 7.68kgs
205/65 R15 94V   B B 68 8.76kgs
205/65 R15 94H   B B 68 8.76kgs
215/65 R15 96H   B A 68 9.08kgs
195/45 R16 84V XL   C A 68 7.12kgs
195/50 R16 84V   C A 67 7.29kgs
195/50 R16 88V XL   B A 68 7.35kgs
205/50 R16 87V   B A 68 7.42kgs
195/55 R16 91V XL   B A 68 7.55kgs
195/55 R16 87H   B A 67 7.41kgs
195/55 R16 87V   B A 67 7.41kgs
205/55 R16 91V   C C 68 8.57kgs
205/55 R16 94V XL   B A 68  
205/55 R16 91V   B B 68 7.56kgs
205/55 R16 94V XL   A A 68 7.29kgs
205/55 R16 91H   B A 68 7.83kgs
205/55 R16 91W   B A 68 7.97kgs
205/55 R16 91V   B A 68 7.84kgs
215/55 R16 93V   B A 68 8.72kgs
215/55 R16 97H XL   A A 68 8.40kgs
215/55 R16 97H XL Segment 1 B A 68  
225/55 R16 95V   B A 68 9.11kgs
195/60 R16 89V   C A 68 7.63kgs
195/60 R16 89V   B A 68 8.42kgs
205/60 R16 96V XL   B A 68 8.30kgs
205/60 R16 92H   B A 67 8.30kgs
205/60 R16 92V   B A 67 8.48kgs
215/60 R16 99V XL   B A 68 9.27kgs
215/60 R16 95V   C A 68 9.27kgs
215/60 R16 99H XL   B A 68 9.31kgs
225/60 R16 102W XL   B A 68  
225/60 R16 102W XL   A A 68 9.46kgs
215/65 R16 98V   B A 68 9.53kgs
225/45 R17 94W XL   B A 69 8.19kgs
205/50 R17 89H   B A 70 8.24kgs
205/50 R17 93W XL   B A 68 8.07kgs
205/50 R17 89V   B A 68 8.00kgs
215/50 R17 95W XL   B A 69 8.67kgs
225/50 R17 98W XL   B A 69 8.87kgs
205/55 R17 95Y XL   C A 67 8.95kgs
205/55 R17 95V XL Segment 1 B A 68  
205/55 R17 95V XL   A A 68 8.23kgs
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Size Price Range  
195/50 R15 £39.32 - £49.72 (16 Prices) Compare Prices >>
195/60 R15 £46.05 - £91.15 (17 Prices) Compare Prices >>
195/65 R15 £37.92 - £60.52 (26 Prices) Compare Prices >>
205/55 R16 £47.91 - £91.50 (52 Prices) Compare Prices >>
225/45 R17 £71.93 - £88.30 (8 Prices) Compare Prices >>
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Dunlop Sport BluResponse Reviews

Given 100% (breakdown) while driving a Volkswagen Mk4 Golf Estate TDi 130 (195/65 R15 H) on a combination of roads for 15,000 spirited miles
Fantastic tyres, I have thrashed the life out of my set and the are holding up stronger than expected. I have double the hp that the car came with standard and sofar I have driven 15000miles and have about 3-4mm on the fronts and 6-7mm on the backs. Lovely and good in the wet too.
-1 | - tyre reviewed on June 10, 2016   
Given 70% (breakdown) while driving a Ford Focus MK2 1.6TDCI 2008-2011 (205/55 R16) on a combination of roads for 10,000 spirited miles
I've had these tyres on my 1.6 Ford Focus for the last 18 months.

The good - the grip is really great.

The bad - I've only done 10,000 miles on them and the thread is very low. They will need to be replaced in the next 1,000 miles. Very bad mileage out of a premium tyre.

To be fair I do push the tyres a little but I'm certainly not a boy racer. I've loved the tyres while the grip was good but I don't think I could justify buying them again.

0 | - tyre reviewed on May 30, 2016   
Given 67% (breakdown) while driving a Honda HRV (225/45 R17) on a combination of roads for 36,000 easy going miles
I have had these Dunlop tyres for 3 years and in that time the performance of these tyres are excellent, both in the wet and dry. The rolling resistance are very noticeable which also suits my laid back driving. Unfortunately these tyres are prone to puncture easily in my opinion. In the 3 years I have had 5 punctures which resulted in 3 tyres being replaced. For this reason I will not be going for the same set or make of tyre.
1 | - tyre reviewed on May 26, 2016   
Given 77% (breakdown) while driving a Skoda Fabia 1.2 (195/55 R15 V) on a combination of roads for 10,000 average miles
Bought these tyres for the front to help cut noise and fuel consumption and they work really well in that regard. They are a bit dead in handling though, probably caused by the soft sidewalls that help them ride smoothly over rough surfaces. It's not a performance car so I can live with that. What is worrying is that the centre tread seems very worn after 10k miles, much more than the outside edges. I check my pressures every fortnight and they are only ever down by 1psi max and the previous Bridgestones wore evenly so it must just be a characteristic of these tyres as others have said the same on the BriSkoda forum. Should still be good for another 10k though.
0 | - tyre reviewed on May 8, 2016   
Given 86% (breakdown) while driving a Jaguar XJ8 (225/60 R16 W) on mostly motorways for 500 average miles
Replaced the front two Pirelli P4000's on my Jaguar XJ8. Didn't think the car could get any quieter but it is with these tyres. I also achieved 30 mpg on a 240 mile trip to Wales last week, nearly 2 mpg better than the best I've achieved before.
1 | - tyre reviewed on May 4, 2016   
Given 86% (breakdown) while driving a Renault Megane (195/65 R15 H) on mostly town for 15,000 average miles
Grip is very good on dry or wet surface.
Not too noisy.
Driven them on all kinds of roads. Very satisfied .
Bought them 2 years ago. I think they can go another 15k.
0 | - tyre reviewed on April 20, 2016   
Given 84% (breakdown) while driving a Mitsubishi Lancer 1.6 (225/45 R17) on mostly town for 13,392 average miles
Since I fitted these tyres in 2013 I did 21552 km and I am pleased with wear. I think they will last at least 45000 km, or even more, as I drive normally, anticipating traffic. Dry grip is very good by my standards, as well as wet grip. I experienced straight aquaplaning as I drove with 55km/h in standing water and nothing bad happened, so these tyres are very good. I had to brake hard in both dry and wet conditions, and they did grip well. In conclusion I'm more than pleased with Dunlop Sport BlueResponse. Surely I'll buy them again.
0 | - tyre reviewed on April 16, 2016   
Given 83% (breakdown) while driving a Mercedes Benz W124 Estate (195/65 R15 H) on a combination of roads for 1,000 spirited miles
A premium tyre for a mid-range price. This is an initial review after around 1000 miles. I got 2 of these for the front axle of my old Merc diesel after the previously using Uniroyal Rainexperts. I was going to go for either Uniroyal RE3 or Continental PC5s, but after seeing these on offer and reading a load of reviews I thought I'd give them a go. Straight away I noticed the difference in rolling resistance, noise and comfort being much better. They don't have an exciting tread pattern, but they are extremely quiet, and give a very smooth and comfortable ride. I can't comment on wear yet, but performance in the dry and wet is very good. Only negative is soft sidewalls- on 'spirited' cornering/fast motorway slip turns etc I can feel them on the edge of their comfort level at standard pressures (32psi). I like a compound with a bit of 'give' for fronts though, so I can get more feedback, so this is the trade-off. Very comfortable for all-round use though, and a bargain at their price-point.
0 | - tyre reviewed on April 12, 2016   
Given 84% (breakdown) while driving a Audi A4 1.9 TDI (205/55 R16) on track for 15,000 spirited miles
Overall they are very good tires, after 20.000km and 2 years only for one think I am disappointed, next year I need to buy new ones because then I willdrive F1 slick tires . Related to my previous tires, with the same driving style where was used for 40000km and 4 years, Dunlop is worst. But the feeling of driving is excellent.
0 | - tyre reviewed on April 3, 2016   
Given 77% (breakdown) while driving a SEAT Ibiza (185/60 R14 H) on mostly country roads for 12,000 spirited miles
For the past 2.5 years I have installed four tyres of Bluresponse to a Seat Ibiza MKII 50 PS. They have great feeling in dry and wet greek roads and they are very quiet as well. The wear is averaged and I have driven over 20000 km on country roads and motorway. Highly recommended!
0 | - tyre reviewed on March 24, 2016