Dunlop SportMaxx RT

Dry Grip 89%
Wet Grip 86%
Road Feedback 84%
Handling 83%
Wear 59%
Comfort 83%
Buy again 70%

The Dunlop SportMaxx RT is a Max Performance Summer tyre designed to be fitted to Passenger Car

This tyre replaced the Dunlop SP Sport Maxx TT

This tyre has been replaced by the Dunlop SportMaxx RT 2

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Tyre review data from 147 tyre reviews averaging 79% over 1,322,323 miles driven.


Latest Group Test Results

2015 EVO Magazine Performance Tyre Test - 6th of 10 tyres

  • Overall - The Dunlop performed consistently, but not outstandingly in any test, other than straight line aquaplaning.

2015 Sport Auto 235/35 R19 UHP Tyre Test - 4th of 7 tyres

  • Positive - Good handling on wet roads, short braking distance on dry roads, very low rolling resistance, low noise level
  • Negative - Relatively long braking distances on wet surfaces, slow reaction to the steering in the dry

2015 AZ 225/40 R18 Summer Tyre Test - 4th of 14 tyres

  • Positive - Short braking distances on wet surfaces, short braking distance on dry roads, low rolling resistance
  • Negative - Slow response to steering and a tendency to understeer in the dry
Size Fuel Wet Noise Weight
205/45 R16 83W   E A 67 7.81kgs
205/50 R16 87W   E A 66 8.31kgs
225/50 R16 92Y   E A 67 9.46kgs
205/55 R16 91W   E B 67 8.62kgs
205/55 R16 91Y   E A 67 9.60kgs
205/55 R16 91Y   E B 67  
215/55 R16 97Y XL   C A 67 9.60kgs
215/55 R16 93Y   C A 67 9.60kgs
215/55 R16 97Y XL Segment 2 E B 67  
215/55 R16 93Y Segment 2 E B 67  
225/55 R16 99Y XL   C B 67 10.13kgs
225/55 R16 95Y   C A 67 9.99kgs
225/55 R16 95Y   E B 67  
195/40 R17 81V XL   E B 70 8.41kgs
215/40 R17 87W XL   C A 68 8.78kgs
245/40 R17 91Y   C A 67 9.62kgs
245/40 R17 91Y Segment 2 E A 67  
205/45 R17 88W XL   B B 66 8.33kgs
205/45 R17 88W XL   C B 66 9.33kgs
215/45 R17 91Y XL   E B 67  
215/45 R17 91Y XL   C A 67 8.48kgs
225/45 R17 91W   C B 67 9.19kgs
225/45 R17 91W   B A 69 9.13kgs
225/45 R17 91Y   C A 67 8.48kgs
225/45 R17 94Y XL   C A 67 8.42kgs
225/45 R17 94W XL   C B 67 9.36kgs
225/45 R17 91Y   E A 67  
225/45 R17 91Y Segment 2 C B 67  
225/45 R17 91Y   E B 69 9.14kgs
225/45 R17 94Y XL   E B 67  
225/45 R17 91Y   E B 67  
235/45 R17 94Y Segment 2 E A 68  
235/45 R17 94Y   C A 68 10.31kgs
235/45 R17 97Y XL   E B 68  
235/45 R17 97Y XL   C A 68 10.31kgs
245/45 R17 95Y   E A 68  
245/45 R17 95Y   C A 68 9.94kgs
205/50 R17 93Y XL Segment 2 E B 65  
205/50 R17 93Y XL   C A 65 8.81kgs
215/50 R17 95Y XL   E A 67 9.15kgs
215/50 R17 91Y   E A 67 9.15kgs
215/50 R17 95Y XL   E B 67  
225/50 R17 98Y XL   E B 67  
225/50 R17 94Y   E A 67  
225/50 R17 98Y XL Segment 2 B A 67  
225/50 R17 94Y Segment 2 C A 67  
225/50 R17 98Y XL   B A 68 9.84kgs
215/55 R17 94Y   E A 67 9.68kgs
225/55 R17 101Y XL   C A 67 10.37kgs
225/55 R17 101Y XL   C B 67  
225/55 R17 97Y   C A 67 10.30kgs
235/55 R17 99V   C A 67 11.49kgs
235/55 R17 103Y XL   C B 68  
235/55 R17 103Y XL   C A 68 10.68kgs
235/55 R17 99V   C C 68  
245/35 R18 92Y XL   C A 68 9.74kgs
255/35 R18 94Y XL   C A 68 10.76kgs
265/35 R18 97Y XL Segment 2 C A 69  
275/35 R18 95Y   C A 69 11.18kgs
205/40 R18 86Y XL   E A 69 10.18kgs
205/40 R18 86W XL   C B 66 8.81kgs
225/40 R18 92Y XL   E A 68  
225/40 R18 92Y XL   C A 68 9.52kgs
225/40 R18 92Y XL Segment 2 C A 68  
225/40 R18 92Y XL   B A 69 8.72kgs
225/40 R18 92Y XL   F A 67 9.75kgs
235/40 R18 95Y XL   E A 68  
235/40 R18 95Y XL   C A 68 10.56kgs
245/40 R18 93Y Segment 2 E A 68  
245/40 R18 97Y XL Segment 2 E A 68  
245/40 R18 97Y XL Segment 2 C A 68  
225/45 R18 95Y XL   E B 69 9.89kgs
225/45 R18 95Y XL Segment 2 C A 67  
225/45 R18 95Y XL   B A 68 9.58kgs
235/45 R18 98Y XL   C B 68 10.21kgs
245/45 R18 100Y XL   C A 68 10.67kgs
245/45 R18 100Y XL   C A 68  
255/45 R18 99Y   C A 68 11.07kgs
245/50 R18 100W   C A 68 12.86kgs
255/30 R19 91Y XL   C A 68 10.13kgs
285/30 R19 98Y XL   C A 69 12.57kgs
225/35 R19 88Y XL   C A 67 9.24kgs
235/35 R19 91Y XL   E A 69 10.96kgs
235/35 R19 91Y XL   F A 68 11.16kgs
235/35 R19 91Y XL Segment 2 C A 68  
245/35 R19 93Y XL Segment 2 C A 69  
255/35 R19 96Y XL   C A 69 11.23kgs
255/35 R19 96Y XL   C A 69 10.70kgs
255/35 R19 96Y XL   E A 70 11.77kgs
265/35 R19 98Y XL   E A 71 12.56kgs
225/40 R19 93Y XL   C A 68 10.38kgs
225/40 R19 93Y XL   C A 69 9.33kgs
235/40 R19 96Y XL   C A 68 10.71kgs
245/40 R19 98Y XL   C A 68 9.95kgs
255/40 R19 100Y XL   C A 69 11.94kgs
275/40 R19 101Y   C C 70 14.04kgs
275/40 R19 101Y   E A 67 14.45kgs
275/40 R19 101Y   C A 69  
225/45 R19 92W   C A 67 11.36kgs
245/45 R19 102Y XL   C A 68 13.19kgs
245/45 R19 102Y XL   C A 68 10.89kgs
235/55 R19 101W   C A 69 13.83kgs
305/25 R20 97Y XL   C A 70 12.90kgs
255/30 R20 92Y XL   E A 68 10.90kgs
285/30 R20 99Y XL   C A 69 12.41kgs
255/35 R20 97Y XL   C A 69 11.66kgs
305/25 R21 98Y XL Segment 2 C A 70  
255/30 R21 93Y XL   E A 68 10.75kgs
275/30 R21 98Y XL   F B 70 13.43kgs
335/25 R22 105Y XL   C A 71 15.75kgs
295/30 R22 103Y XL   C A 70 14.23kgs

Questions and Answers for the Dunlop SportMaxx RT

2016-07-30 - i have dunlop 225/45zr17 on my skoda suberb and i have 39000 kilometers on what millage would i expecp to get

That is excellent mileage for the Dunlop SportMaxx RT, especially if it is the front pair of tyres.

2016-10-08 - What is the correct psi for these tyres

The tyre pressure for the Dunlop Sport Maxx RT is vehicle and load specific. The correct tyre pressure for your vehicle can usually be found on a sticker in the door shut of the driver's door, or in the manufacturer's handbook.

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205/50 R16 £74.00 - £85.40 (7 Prices) Compare Prices >>
205/55 R16 £50.90 - £66.20 (14 Prices) Compare Prices >>
215/55 R16 £81.80 - £95.15 (14 Prices) Compare Prices >>
225/40 R18 £78.00 - £126.40 (33 Prices) Compare Prices >>
225/45 R17 £65.60 - £85.20 (33 Prices) Compare Prices >>
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Top Dunlop SportMaxx RT Review

Given 91% while driving a Ford Mondeo Titanium X (205/55 R16) on a combination of roads for 6,000 spirited miles
Excellent tyre, fantastic performance.
50 - tyre reviewed on December 8, 2012   

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Given 50% while driving a Audi A4 Quattro 220 bhp TFSI (235/40 R18) on a combination of roads for 15,000 average miles
Only lasted me about 15k miles, fitted in the same time with 2 x Bridgestone and those still have about 4.5mm,
Overall not to impressed with them.
1 - tyre reviewed on July 23, 2018   
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Given 90% while driving a Honda Civic Type R (225/45 R17) on mostly town for 10 spirited miles
So after reading a number of reviews I decided to get a set of these for the fronts to replace a set of cheap and crappy Nangkang tyres.

The difference was immediate and the tyres made a huge difference in how the car handles in both dry and wet conditions.
In dry conditions the grip is pretty great, and I’ve been on track with super sticky semi slicks in the dry so I’m comparing my experiences. In these I’ve taken long sweeping bends and roundabouts in the dry with real spirited driving and you really have to work it to find the limit and even then it’s progressive and controllable with good feedback through the steering wheel and seat. Im finding the limits of my car’s suspension before the limits of the tyres to be honest because I think these can take a bit more. In the dry, even from cold, it’s not super easy to get the tyres spinning if you’re quick with the clutch. (No I’m not a chav lol)
As the tyre has come to the end of its life they are giving me slightly more wheel spin. It may be because I’m enjoying the last few enthusiastic thousand miles before I replace these.

Snow and ice / Winter driving:
In the recent snowfall I found these really good. Don’t get me wrong, my traction control was working overtime and my driving skills are above average (I hope) but I didn’t particularly find any real issues with these in the heavy snow and ice. Bear in mind I believe mind these are summer tyres but any slight loss of traction when steering at low speeds in the ice and snow were quickly recovered.

In the wet:
Although the dry grip is excellent, the wet grip (as with most tyres) isn’t as good but I can definitely say that any loss of traction to my front wheels was progressive, controllable and gave me confidence to stay on the limit on bends. The wheels tend to spin up much easier in the wet if I put my foot down a bit harder than the tyres like. This happens even on straight roads and not just on bends.

Genuinely excellent in both dry and wet. Very good in snow / icy conditions. Hitting the brakes in the dry these stop amazingly well, the grippy compound has been consistent through the life of this tyre and they have helped in some last minute emergency braking moments. This is also true in the wet as I haven’t noticed the ABS kicking in under hard braking in most cases.

In terms of comfort I really don’t have a good base to give fair feedback on this product. My car is known for harsh and hard suspension from factory so although these tyres didn’t make it worse I don’t feel like they made it any better. I don’t expect any tyre to work miracles like that :(

The feedback I got from these tyres are excellent. Great handling and confidence inspiring in the dry and progressive, controllable, grippy and not too noisy in all conditions. I would definitely look to Dunlop and this model of tyre again, it’s lasted around 10,00 miles since I got them brand new in April 2015 but I’ve subjected them to very spirited driving on the straights, corners and bends and it’s taken it all in it’s stride. I’d be looking at the RT2 since these are supposedly designed to last longer than the RT
4 - tyre reviewed on March 29, 2018   
Given 60% while driving a BMW 320i Msport (255/35 R19 W) on a combination of roads for 2,000 average miles
I only had these on my car for about 3 months as I got a puncture which could not be repaired. In those 3 months I found these tyres to be good in the dry however in cold conditions these lose traction. For that reason I won't be buying Dunlop again. I also previously had Sport Maxx GT which were the same, great in the dry but not so good in the wet.
0 - tyre reviewed on March 2, 2018   

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