Vredestein Quatrac 5

Dry Grip 80%
Wet Grip 81%
Road Feedback 78%
Handling 84%
Wear 86%
Comfort 91%
Buy again 85%

The Vredestein Quatrac 5 is a High Performance All Season tyre designed to be fitted to Passenger Car

This tyre replaced the Vredestein Quatrac 3

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Tyre review data from 14 tyre reviews averaging 84% over 111,242 miles driven.


Latest Group Test Results

7 of the best all season tyres for 2018 - 4th of 10 tyres

2018 ADAC All Season Tyre Test - 7th of 11 tyres

  • Positive - Top marks in the dry, low fuel consumption.
  • Negative - Weak on snow.

2018 Auto Bild All Season Tyre Test - 7th of 12 tyres

  • Positive - A balanced all season tyre with safe handling in all conditions, good steering response and grip in the wet, low noise.
  • Negative - Limited aquaplaning results, slow steering in the dry.
Size Fuel Wet Noise Weight
175/65 R13 80T          
145/80 R13 75T          
175/65 R14 82T   E C 68  
185/55 R15 82H   C C 69  
185/65 R15 88H   C C 68  
215/70 R15 98T          
205/55 R16 91V   C C 69  
225/55 R16 95V          
215/65 R16 98V   B C 71  
235/45 R17 97Y XL          
205/50 R17 93V XL   C C 70  
225/55 R17 101Y XL          
275/55 R17 109V          
225/65 R17 102V          
235/65 R17 108V XL          
245/65 R17 111V XL          
225/40 R18 92Y XL          
235/40 R18 95Y XL          
235/60 R18 107W XL          
255/55 R19 111W XL          

Questions and Answers for the Vredestein Quatrac 5

2016-04-07 - Thx for the reply! Very helpfull, always difficult how to interpret data. I'll have a look at the Nokian. I'm from The Netherlands, so no heavy snow conditions or lots off ice. And while I do understand that an all season tire is a compromis, I think its the best way to go. Any thought on that? Thx again!

Here in the UK climate we feel the CrossClimate is the best compromise as we see very little snow. The CrossClimate is the only all season tyre we've tested which doesn't have a braking disadvantage over summer tyres in the dry. See our All Season Tyre Test for further information.

2016-04-07 - I see in different test these tires preform bad with aquaplanning? How good or bad are they in the wet? (Looking for an all season tie in size 195/60 R16, not a lot to chose from) Thx!

While we've no direct experience with the Quatrac 5, they wouldn't be a test winner if they were bad in the wet. Aquaplaning is one of those tests we feel perhaps the magazines put too much weight on, as while aquaplaning can be serious, less than 1% of all accidents across Europe are caused by standing water. The Nokian WeatherProof is also available in your size, which is certainly worth considering.

2017-09-16 - i've got a ix35 4x4 and I want to fit all season tyres, can you recommend any (225 55 18)

Of the tyres we currently list in those sizes, the Quatrac 5 is probably the best available.

2018-04-14 - I have a 2011 VW Tiguan with 235/55r17 tyres, live in Aberdeenshire and been looking at all pro and con comments relating to all season tyres and cannot really make my mind up. I have narrowed it down to 5 but I am also interested in treadwear life. Would you recommend either the Cross Climate +, Goodyear 4Seasons Gen-2, Vredestein Quatrac 5 or I have been told that the Pirelli Verde All Seasons have a longer life. I know its a long list but with averaging 10-12k mileage a year the tyres previously purchased haven't lasted more than 2yrs

Have a look at this video, it should answer most of your questions. The Michelin will also offer the best longevity.

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205/55 R16 £58.30 - £73.75 (21 Prices) Compare Prices >>
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235/55 R19 £141.68 - £141.68 (1 Prices) Compare Prices >>
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Top Vredestein Quatrac 5 Review

Given 87% while driving a Volkswagen Golf MK6 1.6 tdi (225/45 R17) on a combination of roads for 18,000 spirited miles
Thought I would try the new all season Quatrac 5 as I live 400 metres up in the valleys of Wales and drive sometimes a 1000 miles a week all over the UK. In the wet, snow and icy conditions these are unbeatable and stop the car better than any expensive top end brands on the market. About 80 per cent as good as the best summer brands in hot dry conditions and I only managed to skid the car slightly on heavy braking on dusty dry roads when driving very fast, then again what tyres won't slide slightly in these condiditions. I have done over 18'000 miles on these since January in all conditions, I just swapped the back tyres to the front and reckon I will get at least another 18 thousand out of them so great value for money too. I won't be carrying two sets of tyres for summer and winter again. They are also quiet and extremely good on rolling resistance so on a tank of fuel I gain around 40-60 miles more for my money. I won't be buying anything else again and have tried all the best makes over the years!
71 - tyre reviewed on July 10, 2015   

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Given 95% while driving a Hyundai Santa Fe (235/55 R19 H) on a combination of roads for 3,000 average miles
Fitted these on my family SUV as, with a drive to a ski holiday booked, I wanted better winter performance than the stock summer road tyre. Nothing more embarrassing than being the driver of a 4x4 but being stuck in bad weather!.
The Quatrac is quiet and retains excellent feel through the corners. They don’t match the old Hankook Ventus Prime for emergency dry braking but there is plenty of grip even on a spirited drive. In the cold and wet they really start to excel. The car always has plenty of grip, there’s no spin when pulling away quickly. Loads of grip in the corners and braking is excellent. The ride is great too.
I needed winter certified tyres for 2 trips to the Alps for skiing. The Quatracs are compliant with European winter tyre regulations. In severe snow conditions they are better than budget winter tyres. The car retained amazing levels of grip in acceleration, steering and braking. Our chalet was up a hill away from the main road and had a very steep drive. I was the only vehicle in our group that didn’t need snow chains to ascend the hill. Fresh powder, wet snow, compacted snow and ice, nothing stopped the Quatracs gripping. When the snow melted and became deep slush the car still had loads of traction. Back home we experienced freezing rain after a night of snow and the local roads became an ice rink. Only then did the traction control and ABS braking intervene, yet still I was able to get home safely.
Many will tell you all season tyres are a compromise. These out perform most winter tyres in mild winter conditions and match them in severe snow, ice and slush. In warm dry summer drives they match summer tyres too. You are not aware that your tyres aren’t a summer road tyre. In cool and wet conditions they excel. Where’s the compromise? They are decent in light off road driving too!
4 - tyre reviewed on May 6, 2018   
Given 90% while driving a Hyundai Getz (185/60 R14 T) on mostly country roads for 28,000 average miles
Bought the tires two years ago and drove them around 45.000km in Turkey and Bulgaria, year-round, they still have approximately 5mm tread depth. In dry, wet and snow had no problems. Tires are quiet and soft at least compared to my previous Bridgestones. Wear is low, think that i can use them at least one more year.
7 - tyre reviewed on April 3, 2018   
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Given 82% while driving a Hyundai ix35 (225/55 R18) on mostly country roads for 3,000 average miles
i've had the tyres on for 4 months and in the worst snow we've seen in years(peak district) they've performed really well up to now passing other cars on steep hills and braking confidently going down.Can't comment on wear due to the short time they've been on
5 - tyre reviewed on March 1, 2018   
Given 96% while driving a Mercedes Benz C220 Cdi Avantgarde Estate (205/55 R16 V) on a combination of roads for 12 average miles
I have run my rear wheel drive car fitted with a pair of Vredestein Quatrac 5's fitted on the front axle for 12,000 miles so far. They have worn to 6 mm. tread depth and are half worn now. I will replace them @ 3 mm. I run them 6 psi. lower than the recommended pressure of 36 psi., which is far too hard. They are wearing eavenly across the tread at this lower pressure.
I drive fairly steady most of the time but have been known to boot it on occasions. These tyres have never given any cause for concern regarding grip in both dry & wet conditions and temperatures below freezing. I tow a caravan onto grassed pitches and again I have no problem with steering.
The Pirelli Cinturato All Season's fitted to the rear at the same time have worn to 4.5 mm. and do not grip the road as well. Previous Goodyear Eagle Vector 2's also on the rear performed better than the Pirelli's and lasted for 22,000 miles. I chose both of these tyres for their directional block tread patterns to provide traction on the rear drive axle. I cannot comment on Vredestein Quatrac 5's traction quality.
As a retired Road Transport Engineer I am used to vehicles with dedicated steer and drive axle tyres, so I purposely chose these Vredestein Quatrac 5 tyres as the best available 'All Season' option for the steer axle on my Mercedes C Class. I have not been disapointed.
21 - tyre reviewed on January 22, 2018   

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