General Grabber GT

Dry Grip 88%
Wet Grip 81%
Road Feedback 76%
Handling 71%
Wear 88%
Comfort 82%
Buy again 82%

The General Grabber GT is a High Performance Summer tyre designed to be fitted to SUV and 4x4

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Tyre review data from 13 tyre reviews averaging 81% over 148,207 miles driven.

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2017 ADAC SUV Summer Tyre Test - 9th of 15 tyres

  • Positive - Good in the dry, has M+S marking
  • Negative - Relatively weak in the wet
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205/80 R16 £63.17 - £93.49 (8 Prices) Compare Prices >>
215/65 R16 £59.47 - £93.49 (23 Prices) Compare Prices >>
225/55 R18 £80.14 - £120.48 (8 Prices) Compare Prices >>
235/65 R17 £82.00 - £106.94 (8 Prices) Compare Prices >>
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Top General Grabber GT Review

Given 89% while driving a Mazda cx5 (225/45 R17 V) on mostly town for 5,000 average miles
Having 90% of the tyres in this size not matching the manufactures speed rating V, I had to research and shop around for a good replacement tyre I could trust for a good price. The oem tyres were Yokohama g98a which performed well in all conditions and I was generally happy with these but when they wore out the replacement price was 320AUD dollars each as well as a treadwear rating of 280 which I wasn't happy with. I found the gt grabbers were a new product which is a mid range tyre from the continental group from well known american general tyres. I picked the tyres for 165 Aud dollars each with a treadwear rating of 420. I couldn't be happier. They perform well in both dry and wet and are comparable to the Yokohamas for half the price. They will also perform better off road too as they are m+s rated. Would happily buy again. Thanks general.
68 - tyre reviewed on January 3, 2016   

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Volkswagen (215/65 R16 H) on mostly motorways for 40,000 average miles
Excellent Tyre was abit hesitant purchasing as never heard of them but really impressed after 2 years ans 65000km yes thats correct! I do 200km motorway driving each day and have just replaced two, the rear has abit more thread and thats the thing about these tyres they have loads and wear fantastic! The compound is probably abit harder but doesn't affect handling or feedback they are fantastic for the price range and the insane thread wear if you don't believe try them!
8 - tyre reviewed on February 23, 2019   
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Given 94% while driving a Suzuki Jimny (205/70 R15 H) on a combination of roads for 20,000 miles
General GT has lasted well, nice with the side rib protection.
Handles all the UK weather well, no issue in the snow or wet, nice direct feel in the dry.
8 - tyre reviewed on December 3, 2018   
Given 80% while driving a Mercedes Benz ML350 (275/45 R20) on a combination of roads for 33 spirited miles
Covered 33,000 km on this set and extremely happy with wear. Always assured of grip and steering feel. The odd gravel road travel proved to be awesome as well. Left with almost another 5,00 to 10,000 km, but pothole damage to 2 tyres forces me to replace the set. Will definitely buy again.
29 - tyre reviewed on September 27, 2017   

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