185/55 16 Tyres

The following tyres have been reviewed in 185/55 16.
Continental UltraContact UC6 (5) 94% 92% 55% 77% 83% 90% 90% 83% 15,875
Continental ComfortContact CC6 (8) 85% 81% 87% 73% 83% 94% 77% 83% 320,160
Jinyu YH12 (26) 82% 75% 79% 69% 79% 81% 75% 77% 114,681
Sailun Atrezzo Elite (9) 90% 82% 77% 61% 66% 73% 81% 76% 21,600
Falken ZE912 (191) 83% 75% 76% 70% 71% 79% 73% 75% 2,058,461
Michelin Energy XM2 (27) 79% 73% 74% 71% 83% 68% 63% 73% 557,134
Continental Premium Contact 2 (172) 84% 77% 74% 71% 63% 73% 62% 72% 4,063,019
Goodyear EfficientGrip (110) 76% 65% 60% 57% 70% 71% 52% 64% 1,326,711
Bridgestone Ecopia EP25 (6) 53% 40% 65% 58% 56% 67% 32% 53% 81,800
Dunlop SP Sport 2030 (7) 63% 56% 47% 46% 34% 34% 21% 43% 121,000
Kormoran Snowpro B2 (4) 45% 53% 33% 43% 63% 35% 28% 43% 21,200
Forceum HEXA (6) 52% 37% 44% 35% 42% 32% 35% 39% 84,000

185/55 16 Tyre Review Highlights

Sailun Atrezzo Elite rated 100% while driving a Suzuki Swift
Driving on mostly town for 1000 average miles
First full set of new tyres since the 1980's (which were remoulds) as I always change my cars before the tyres need replacing. Original standard were Continental Premium Contact 2's which are over £100 a corner to replace. Did some research on line and YouTube and thought I'd give the Sailun Atrezzo Elite a try at £46 a corner. They have a good write up and are popular in America. First thing I immediately noticed was how quieter the Sailun's are. The car also feels solid on the road. The tyres are asymmetrical, look nice and have good grip. I never drive to the limit of the tyre so I expect a long life out of them. Funnily enough the Fuel, Wet Grip and Noise ratings are identical to the Continentals but are under half the price. No problems on the motorway either. I was a bit sceptical at first about buying a tyre that isn't one of the big names (yet) but I must admit I've been very pleased with them and the price is superb. I would buy these again without hesitation. Too early to give a wear review but if I can get 20,000 miles out of them I would be very happy. I will rotate from front to back every 12 months to even the wear rate. £383 cheaper than the Conti's so basically I could have 3 sets of Sailun's for the price of one set of Continentals and still have change. It's a no brainer.
tyre reviewed on 2017-05-06 18:10:20
Continental UltraContact UC6 rated 90% while driving a Mazda Mazda2
Driving on mostly motorways for 0 average miles
The difference between Dunlop Enasave Ec 300 and Continental UC6 is big. I can go 100kph without realizing it with my Mazda 2 sedan. I find that the dry and wet grip of the tyre is very good if compared to my original stock Dunlop tyre. I'm not sure about the wear rate as i've just fitted the tyre for only 2 months. UC 6 might not have the same comfort level with the CC6 but for a tyre meant for handling and griping, i find it surprisingly comfortable. The downside of the tyre is that it costs me a fortune even though it was made in Malaysia , my own country, the price shouldn't be setting that high. Overall i would recommend UC 6 to those who wish to seek for good handling and comfort if one dont wish to use sport tyres .
tyre reviewed on 2017-05-26 19:48:01
Bridgestone Ecopia EP25 rated 87% while driving a Toyota Yaris
Driving on a combination of roads for 25000 spirited miles
EP25's are the standard fitment tyre on the Toyota Yaris in Australia since 2011 on all hatch variants (3 and 5 door).

Although they're about $200 each and I've yet to have to replace them at 25,000miles they are definitely worth the price for a quality made-in-Japan low rolling resistance tyre.

I drive on all roads however at least half of my road time is spent on highways (100/110km/h respectively).

On the highway the tyres are quiet, absorb road imperfections nicely, have little vibration & most importantly have EXCELLENT resistance to aqua-planing even during torrential rain at 110km/h where you cannot see 3 car lengths in front of you.

Their braking performance is also very impressive.

The only downside to these tyres is something you get with all high quality low-rolling resistance tyres and that's the price - the fact they're made in Japan means a lot - many lesser tyres are made in China, Thailand, Malaysia etc and you can tell the difference.

These tyres are great because in Australia - snow/winter tyres are not sold so when the temperature drops below 8C most tyres harden up and lose their grip - the special compound of these Ep25's keeps them supple even as the temp outside nears freezing so you still maintain grip during the winter months - very important when you can't buy winter tyres in Australia.
tyre reviewed on 2015-03-22 12:42:13
Falken ZE912 rated 87% while driving a Nissan Note tekna 1.6 Auto
Driving on a combination of roads for 1000 average miles
Have fitted these to my Wifes Nissan Note which has an odd tyre size and there are only a limited number of tyres in this size and they tend to quite expensive given the car they are going on. We were also looking tio improve the ride and noise levels as the OEM Continetal Premium Contact 2's give a harsh and noisey ride. Certainly grip comfort and noise levels have improved considerably its too early to tell about wear but fot all those Note drivers with this odd tyre size they represent much better value for money than the Continentals.
tyre reviewed on 2010-02-09 12:50:21
Continental ComfortContact CC6 rated 85% while driving a Honda City
Driving on mostly town for 0 average miles
I have just changed the tyres from my old Michalin XM2 . CC0 is very comfort with lowest noise compare to all brands I used. But I must use it for a period of time to give more reviews.
tyre reviewed on 2017-03-25 03:42:21
Continental ComfortContact CC6 rated 83% while driving a Honda City
Driving on for 0 miles
No comments left
tyre reviewed on 2017-03-29 14:54:22
Michelin Energy XM2 rated 66% while driving a Honda City
Driving on mostly town for 0 average miles
No comments left
tyre reviewed on 2012-11-15 06:53:15
Dunlop SP Sport 2030 rated 64% while driving a Nissan Note 1.5 dci
Driving on a combination of roads for 10000 average miles
Changed from Conti as fitted when new.
Much more comfortable and give better handling - but Oh dear - the fuel consumption down from 62 to 55 mpg. Back to Contis I feel next time
tyre reviewed on 2015-04-01 16:30:27
Continental Premium Contact 2 rated 63% while driving a Nissan ntec
Driving on mostly country roads for 8000 easy going miles
These tyres are pretty good regarding grip, handling and ride. However, the wear on these are really poor. I no longer do loads of miles - mainly pottering around and a few motorway journeys (no hard driving) a year, so was shocked they were down to 3mm all round after only 9000 miles. At £100 each that is poor value. Unfortunately, this is not a popular size, so I am restricted to only Dunlops, Conti's, Falkens, Yokohamas or budget.
tyre reviewed on 2012-02-17 15:14:20
Continental Premium Contact 2 rated 63% while driving a Suzuki Swift 1,2 2013
Driving on mostly town for 0 average miles
Those Premium does not fit the Suzuki Swift (2011) very well...
I mean they did a good use and all but in our hot weather wear was fast.

I drove 30,000 miles on it... and after they lose the first 2 layers it is very poor driving experience you're having.
noisy bumpy and not very much efficient.

wont buy those again :(
tyre reviewed on 2015-12-01 21:16:03
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